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Boulevard Initialis 28
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Company Profile:
ACIC is a provider of video analytics or video content analysis solutions (VCA).

ACIC's offer is based on a range of appliances consisting of high-performance VCA software installed on high-quality centralized servers (HP Proliant series) or distributed and ruggedized (AAEON boxers).

ACIC's appliances are easy to set-up and enables a seamless integration with major IP cameras, DVR and NVR/VMS of the market thanks to Acic Event Manager (AEM), an intermediate service layer (middleware).

ACIC appliances cover a wide range of applications like perimeter protection, virtual line crossing, people counting, automatic incident detection and road data gathering, stopped car or abandoned objects.

ACIC's support service is highly appreciated by ACIC’s clients and partners.

Video content analysis solutions

What we offer:

Mv Activity Detection
Mv Camera Anomaly
Mv Panorama Detection
Mv People Counting
Mv Stationary
Mv Traffic
(Please visit our website for more details on these technologies)



The ACIC's AN-BOXER appliances series (for analogue cameras) and IR-BOXER (for IP cameras) solutions are composed of ACIC Software and Middleware installed on AAEON Industrial PC.

With the AAEON Boxer series ACIC has chosen a high performance and robust controller. Especially well designed for industrial markets, this fanless, anti-vibration and shock resistant system can be used in harsh environments. No mechanical parts are used in these reliable systems. The operating system and the video analytics application are installed on solid state memory, The Core 2 Duo processor allows the real time processing of up to 4 ACIC video analytics channels and analogue and IP video streams can be used and mixed in a single unit.

For small or large deployment, the Boxer can be installed close to the cameras, allowing a distributed processing architecture.


ACIC IP-SERVER and AN-SERVER solutions are composed of ACIC Software and Middleware installed on HP ProLiant.

ACIC use high quality HP Proliant generation 6 servers. These enterprise class rack servers come in 1U or 2U form factor. With one or two Intel Xeon 5500 Series Processors and DDR-3 memory the computing performance reaches new levels and allow the processing of up to 16 video channels. High availability configurations are also proposed with redundant power supply and RAID 1,5,10 storage. Vans, power supplies and hard drives are hot swappable.

ACIC choose the Suse linux operating system to run the servers. That high quality and very reliable system software is a proven solution for real-time
mission-critical computing environment. A wide range of services, including SNMP, OpenVPN and SSH allow the integration and the management of these systems in the enterprise IT architecture.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
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Fabrice Foucart

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