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Company Profile:
Etienne Lacroix combines activities in developing pyrotechnics for defense and law enforcement applications and for manufacturers at the following companies :

-Etienne Lacroix Tous Artifices located in Mazères in Southwestern France

-SAE Alsetex located in Précigné in Western France.

Provide services spanning from product design to meet customer specifications to product dismantling
Etienne Lacroix offers a complete range of services for each stage of pyrotechnic products :

INNOVATION, DOABILITY ANALYSIS, PROTOTYPING, & EXPERIMENTING to create exceptional value through using the most advanced pyrotechnologies ;

CONCEPTION, DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING & QUALIFICATION in conformance with the highest standards of the field, with national and international regulations (FRANCE/MINDEF/DGA/NATO, EC, ..), and with ecodesign standards through a lean development process ;

STORAGE, REPACKAGING, AUTHORIZATION, RE-MARKING & DELIVERY of any quantity, anywhere, to provide a tailored solution for external logistics of pyrotechnic products ;


REMOVAL, DISMANTLING & DEMILITARISATION of all of Lacroix Defense and Security’s products as well as of all types of pyrotechnics, munitions and components, explosives, pyrotechnic compositions or propellants, and including, cartridges, grenades, signals, mortars, missiles, rockets, mines and bombs.

Etienne Lacroix is backed by over a hundred engineers and technicians as well as a large network of partners, scientists and technicians. Our significant storage capacity and transport means ensure a full service solution to external pyrotechnic logistics.

Less lethal weapons, ammunitions, grenades, dispersion devices

What we offer:
Lacroix Defense and Security provides hundreds of products to meet customers’s special requirements in the following fields :

SELF-PROTECTION : launcher/munitions systems and pyrotechnics for the protection of fixed platforms (strategic locations) and mobile platforms (land vehicules, aircraft, ships) against human or guided threats.

PYROTECHNICS : a wide range of grenades providing all types of effects (bursts, shock, blast, blinding, deafening, smoke, multiple), signalling (illuminating, sound, smoke, multiple) illuminating (visible, infrared, fixed position, launched, etc..).

TRAINING systems : among command and control systems with a wide range of targets (fixed, mobile, infrared, etc..) and non toxic and realistic pyrotechnic simulations (shots, crackling or whistling salvos, smoke, NRBC, etc..)

PYROTECHNIC COMPONENTS : highly dependable and durable initiators, delay devices, actuators (valves, cutters, pushers, retractors, actuator, release mechanisms, etc..), sequencers (rockets, etc..) and gas generators able to withstand harsh environments………

LAW ENFORCEMENT/PEACEKEEPING : a full range of launchers, munitions, grenades and sprays of varied calibers with non-lethal effects (tear gas, pepper, blast, kinetic, stun, etc..) to be used by individuals transported on operational, fixed or remote controlled vehicles for the protection of permanent or temporary, land or maritime ….… in carrying out services/operations of private security or to maintain or re-establish public order..

CIVIL SAFETY AND PROTECTION : varied product ranges to prevent natural disasters (hail, avalanche, bird, phytosanitary, etc..) to protect individuals and property, for transport saftey (air, sea, land) and for oil exploration.
Etienne Lacroix provides a broad range of components, pyrotechnics, munitions and pyrotechnic systems.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
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