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As the CCTV industry rapidly evolves towards more global solutions, AASSET have joined forces with GRUNDIG, HIKVISION and SAMSUNG to create a major player in the UK market. With our combined experience we aim to bring a new blend of technology, design and logistics to our UK partners. AASSET’s aim is to change the distribution market place by positioning itself as a major supplier with leading edge system design services. Our world– class partnerships can help you benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs by providing a solid foundation for the future success of your company.

Full range of CCTV equipment

What we offer:
. IP Cameras & Domes
. Accessories for IP Cameras & Domes. H.264 Network Camera. IP Hybrid Cameras. IP Megapixel Cameras. IP Hybrid Fixed Dome Cameras. IP Hybrid Anti Vandal Fixed Dome Cameras. IP Megapixel Fixed Dome Camera. IP Hybrid Motorized Dome Cameras. IP Megapixel Motorized Dome Cameras. IP Dome Camera. IP Solutions
. IP Transmitter. IP Decoder. IP Decoder PC-based. Cameras & Domes
. Colour / Black & White Cameras. 1 / 2" Colour / Black & White Cameras. Indoor Fixed Dome Cameras. Anti Vandal Fixed Dome Cameras. Colour / Black & White Cameras with IR. Accessories for Cameras and Fixed Dome Cameras. Lenses
. DC Iris Varifocal Lenses. DC Iris Megapixel Lenses. Manual Iris Megapixel Lenses. Manual Iris Varifocal Lenses. Motorized Dome Cameras
. SAMSUNG Motorized Domes Endless Rotation. Vandal Resistant Motorized Domes Endless Rotation. Accessories for SAMSUNG Dome Cameras. Accessories for GRUNDIG PTZ Dome Cameras. Accessories for HIKVISION Dome Cameras. Control Keyboards. Thermal Imaging Cameras
. Thermal Imaging Cameras Samsung. Power Supplies
. Accessories for Power Supplies. IR-Illuminator
. LED-IR-Illuminator. Accessories for LED-IR-Illuminator. Camera Enclosures & Brackets
. Camera Brackets. Camera Enclosures. Accessories for Camera Enclosures. Monitors
. Colour Monitors LCD / TFT. Public Visibility Monitors. Monitor Accessories. Digital Recording Systems
. Samsung Digital Video Recorder. Samsung Network Video Recorder. Digital Video Recorder. HIKVISION Digital Video Recorder. HIKVISION Hybrid DVR. HIKVISION Network Recorders. Accessories for Digital Recording Systems. Accessories for Grundig Digital Video Recorder. Network Recorders. Distributors
. Video Distributor. Switchers & Multivision
. Video Switchers. Colour Multiplexer Triplex. Transmission
. Coaxial. Filters. Transmission Twisted Pair
. Video Balun Passive Transceiver. Transmitter and Receiver Set. Automated Number Plate Recognition
. Preassembled Cameras. Server. Software. Accessories
. Video Matrix
. Video Matrix Switchers and Keyboards. Telemetry Receiver. Transmission Fiber Optic
. Fiber Multimode / Video and Data. Fiber SingleMode / Video. Fiber SingleMode / Video and Data. Fiber Multimode / Video. Transmission Wireless

What are we looking for:
Business partnerships

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement



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