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Company Profile:
Pro4tech provides tactical surveillance solutions for the governmental law enforcement market. Pro4tech innovative products are covert, self-contained and instantly ready for use capable of recording stills, audio and video.

The products include professional and reliable miniature cameras concealed in various objects for both local and remote control.

The company recently launched the ‘NanoSet’, providing a full featured wireless solution for recording & streaming of video, audio and GPS location. NanoSet is a fully programmable ‘Store & Forward’ miniature system, to be concealed in any object as required by the user.

Tactical Surveillance Solutions

What we offer:
Pro4tech designs, manufactures, and markets sophisticated tactical surveillance systems.

Based on the extensive operational experience of its founders, the company combines advanced engineering with practical knowledge of the field.

The solutions developed by Pro4tech have already been widely adopted by law-enforcement and government agencies throughout the world.

Pro4tech has always been regarded by industry experts as one of the most innovative and “field-oriented” developers of tactical surveillance solutions.

It has recently developed the world’s smallest camcorder, which is also offered as OEM.

Pro4tech products are unique in their ability to endure the most exceptional operational conditions.

With a “ready for use” approach, these products offer tremendous tactical advantages by bypassing the hurdle of setting up surveillance in advance.

Established in 2001, Pro4tech has its R&D in Israel and operates internationally through a global network of distributors

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Eli Yarkoni

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