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Company Profile:
Established in 1993 and Originated from the technical unit of the IDF’s Intelligence Corps, Seraphim Optronics Ltd. specializes in electro-optic surveillance and security equipment. With more than 30 years of experience, It has gained a leading role in the security and military markets abroad in the Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) arena. Seraphim has gained its dominance due to its unique approach to covert imaging surveillance systems.

Seraphim solutions directed to scenarios where covert-imaging surveillance is needed, such as special operations, Intelligence gathering missions, Technical ambush, Border control and Force protection.

As a system house Seraphim is capable of tailoring the solution to specific customer requirements, starting with the designing in the R&D phase through production until the final product including all the needed testing and procedures in-house.

Electro-optic surveillance and security equipment

What we offer:
MUGI - Mini Unattended Ground Imager :
MUGI is a persistent covert real time surveillance system. Inside the MUGI there are both an IR imager and a CCD camera (VIS & NIR) placed on a moving platform, enabling FOV of 78° horizontal and 20° vertical with no external movement or any reflection from the system. Moving human recognition range by an observer is 2,500m for day camera and 1,200m for night camera. The system fully complies with the relevant chapters of MIL-STD-810-F.

MUGI was originally designed to be camouflaged. Its periscopic design enables only small part of it to protrude above ground. As proved operationally, one can pass at a distance of one meter or less from it, without noticing the MUGI. MUGI's rugged shell enables the emplacing squad to use local materials, such as rocks and sand. MUGI has a unique capability of scanning the area with no external movement through a very small non-reflecting slit. MUGI is already fully operational for several years in special operations units abroad.

MUGI WRM- Wake Up Radio Module :
The WRM (Wake Up Radio Module) is an innovative product, which was designed and produced by Seraphim. The WRM is used to wake-up the MUGI when it is in sleep mode, and thus achieve longer operation time of the MUGI system and electronic silence between times of operations.
The WRM, is a control radio link between the C&C unit and the MUGI system. The WRM uses addressable data packets with error checking, packet acknowledgements and retransmissions to achieve a reliable wireless data link.
The "WRM transmitter" is part of the C&C unit. The "WRM receiver" is a small separate unit connected to the MUGI Surveillance unit by a cable.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

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