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Company Profile:
San has developed a new line of portable hydraulic tools for the use of fire fighters, rescue teams, law enforcement forces, SWOT and security forces. The SAN line of products includes tools, manual and electro hydraulic power units and unique packaging to ensure quick and powerful action.

Hydraulic, mechanical and power systems (APU), and unique air-conditioning systems

What we offer:
SAN has developed and created many power unit systems using various technologies - hydraulic, pneumatic and electric - that supply power to operate various systems. SAN's APU's operate and supply power to air conditioning, advanced optics systems, testing equipment and more.

Hydraulic rescue tools
SAN develops and produces unique low-weight hydraulic rescue tools according to the requirements of its costumers. The tools, arranged in a kit, satisfy all the urban breakthrough requirements of military and rescue teams. SAN took the challenge further and developed a unique electro hydraulic pump; lower in weight and dimensions, which provides all the hydraulic pressure needed for the rescue tools. The electro hydraulic pump can operate one or two tools and is packaged in only one backpack to enable portability and fast response when these are needed

Over the years, SAN has developed and created a wide variety of specified platforms in response to the needs of its clients. The client defines the vehicle needed to be modified and the design, development and production of the specified kit are performed by SAN, including final mounting and testing. SAN also instructs the client how to get optimal use from the product for many years to come.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ido Spitzer

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