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Company Profile:
Rav-Bariach was established in 1973 and has been a leader in the door manufacturing field ever since.

The company and its leading brand “Pladelet” have become synonymous with security doors and its stellar reputation is a result of its top quality products, creative thinking, uncompromised quality and millions of satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.

In 1976, Rav-Bariach introduced the first steel security door manufactured in its factory. While a novelty in the front door marketplace at the time, its strength and durability are the time-tested standard of every door. Today, every steel door comes with a geometric lock, meets international standards and its design is continuously evolving to suit our customers’ changing needs.

The majority of Rav-Bariach’s production takes place in its factories in Israel. Our two sites in Ashkelon employ 250 people and extend over 25,000 sq. meters. Four production lines generate up to 1,000 doors per day in hundreds of different designs and sizes. We have business partners in five continents, some of whom maintain workshops to match our designer doors to the needs of local markets.

Security doors manufacturing

What we offer:
High security doors
Decorative security doors
Fire-proof doors
Bullet-proof doors
Rav-Bariach locking system

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ofir Mor

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