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8 Hamada st. POB 12300
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Hertzelia Pituah

Company Profile:
IntuView is an innovative company dedicated to the development of "artificial intuition" software for security and defense applications.

The IntuView vision is to revolutionize knowledge mining and cross-language extraction of information by replacing current technology of language-dependent, generic lexical searches with language-independent, domain-oriented "idea mining".
The new technology will provide the knowledge consumer with summaries in his own language of information gleaned from a broad spectrum of sources in different languages.

IntuView's core product – IntuScan™ –performs real time hermeneutic content analysis of a large number of texts, deducing explicit and implicit information on their authorship, political leanings, ideas, concepts, issues and sentiments, and extracting contextual information on entities mentioned in the texts.

The current version of IntuScan™ has been fielded with counter-terrorism forces and performs these tasks on documents in the Arabic language, determining whether they contain information relating to terror and providing a real time Intelligence Analysis Report of their contents.

Artificial intuition softwares

What we offer:
Our products:
IntuView products are based on sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and knowledge as well as on additional components developed specifically for the homeland security domain.

Our services:
IntuView provides customization and professional services to clients, which are directed towards enhancing the localization and specification of IntuScan™ according to the client's specific requirements.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Rachel Edri

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