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Company Profile:
IntuView Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to the development of "artificial intuition" software for security and defense applications.

The IntuView vision is to revolutionize knowledge mining and cross-language extraction of information by replacing current technology of language-dependent, generic lexical searches with language-independent, domain-oriented "idea mining".
The new technology will provide the knowledge consumers with summaries
in their own language of information gleaned from a broad spectrum of sources
in different languages.

IntuView core product IntuScan™ DOCEX is an integrated semantic-driven platform for real-time exploitation of unstructured textual documents, which integrates intuition and knowledge of seasoned experts into an automated process.
The purpose of IntuScan™ DOCEX is to extract all relevant information from
a large quantity of unstructured texts written in a variety of languages, and to generate a structured representation and natural language report including the characterization of the document,
entities and other information implicit in the document.

IntuScan™ DOCEX Document Exploitation

What we offer:
Language and Domain Detection IntuScan™ DOCEX begins the analysis process by identifying the languages of
a given document sorted by their prominence. IntuScan™ currently identifies more than 60 languages; some of them may use the same script.
IntuScan™ DOCEX analyzes the text using its powerful integrated Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to uncover language independent concepts that are defined in domain ontology
• IntuScan™ Names Component includes tools for dealing with names. These tools are included with the general IntuScan™ DOCEX system but each one of them can also be used as external component for integration with other systems., the Names Component identifies, disambiguates and matches names of persons, places, etc. and links them to contextual information.

What are we looking for:
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COO Guy Ayzmon

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