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Galeb d.d.

Punta 6
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Company Profile:
Galeb d.d is company placed in Omiš, Croatia.
The main activities are based on producing of textiles, fabrics, underwear, sleepwear and other textile products.

Factors guaranteeing the satisfaction of our buyers and sustainability on the market are: continuity of quality thanks to the integrality of the production process and strict control,production flexibility contributing to short time from request for certain product to its manufacture,regular market research and taking into consideration final buyers feedback, the own department for development of new products with the designer team.

Galeb developed special program ,functional underwear.
There are few types of functional underwear that can be put into three groups:underwear with improved control over wet produced by human body (sweat),underwear with improved control over temperature produced by human body, underwear with improved protection from fire, heat attack and eliminated gathering of static electricity.

Galeb functional underwear

What we offer:
1.Our area of expertise is functional underwear
2.We are researching materials and underwear products that can offer best functionality and protection for skin
3. It can be used for protection of skin and optimum functionality of underwear
4.The main advantages of our products is quality which provides protection of fire and sparkling of static electricity and optimum functionality ( warming, dry effect etc.)


What are we looking for:
We looking for a partner for commercial agreement ( buyers and distributors)

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


dipl.oec. Stjepan Pezo

General manager
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