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Company Profile:
Winbar provides retro-fit solutions to protect windows against ballistic threats, vandalism, blast and forced entry as well as energy saving.
The use of Retro-fit is advantageous compared with window replacement – more than 80% cost saving, limited façade changes and shorter installation time.
Continuously innovating new products, we are now introducing the Clear- Bar SystemTM, which provides pre- as well as post impact protection. Winbar is an Al-Sorag Group company. With 25 years of international experience, Al-Sorag is a leader in the retro-fit physical security industry.

Window Retro-fit solutions

What we offer:
Winbar is a leader in the business of retro-fit solutions that protect windows and facades against ballistic threats, vandalism, blast and sun light.
Company has developed several solutions that are integrated into its offering.
Company is looking for customers as well as collaborations with players in the field that are looking for unique and certified solutions.
The advantages of Winbar’s solutions are that they have a higher blast certification than most similar products in the field.
In specific, Winbar is now launching the the Clear- Bar SystemTM, which provides pre- as well as post impact protection: conventional solutions do not provide any protection of people or assets post blast. By contrast, with Clear- Bar SystemTM in use, protection prevails even after a blast or assault.

What are we looking for:
Winbar is looking for industrial partners that could make use of Winbar’s solutions and know-how. The partner could be in the window retro-fit business or businesses close to that.

Collaboration sought:
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Uzi zaharoni

Marketing Manager
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