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Polus Europe, s.r.o.

Jesenského 11
ZIP Code
036 01

Company Profile:
Polus Europe is a young and dynamically developing company focused on complex services (including pre-sales, sales and post-sales services) of the unique autonomous intrusion detection system RADIOBARRIER in European countries. Polus Europe, s.r.o., as the official authorized distributor of the RADIOBARRIER autonomous wireless intrusion detection system in Europe, cooperates very closely with the manufacturer – the Innovation Company POLUS-ST LLC (before 2006 - «Geolink-Polus»), which has been successfully selling its products in the security systems market since the year 2000
Polus Europe, s.r.o. is a member of The Security and Defence Industry Association of the Slovak Republic.

RADIOBARRIER - Wireless Intrusion Detection System

What we offer:
Wireless technology of intruder detection and transmission of alarm information via a two-way secure radio channel with a guaranteed delivery to receiver units.
The ability to deploy the detection line on any terrain (including mountains) in literary a few hours due to its light weight, small size and simplicity of installation/maintenance.
Autonomous protection of extended terrain sections and perimeters without replacing the batteries – up to 5 years.
No power supply and communication cables nor engineering preparation of the terrain are required.
Protection of facilities not allowing for wire-based solutions.
The system is used as standard equipment by Border Forces and is included in the recommended equipment lists of OAO GAZPROM, OAO LUKOIL and OAO TNK-BP.

What are we looking for:
Securing extended terrain sections (including sections of the State Border) against unauthorized intrusion.
Securing pipelines and associated equipment: the System is used for rapid deployment of concealed detection lines along crude oil pipelines, oil product pipelines, and other installations of the oil and gas industry not equipped with stationary security systems.
Protection of approach routes to sensitive facilities: is used as the primary intrusion detection line at a wide range of sensitive facilities equipped with stationary security systems.
Securing temporary vehicle and equipment storage areas: the System is used for setting up rapidly deployable hidden detection perimeters around temporary vehicle and equipment storage areas and encampments.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Vasily Tanailov

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