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AES Corporation

285 Newbury Street
ZIP Code
Peabody (Nr Boston)
United States

Company Profile:
AES is an American company with Regional offices for EMEA CIS, APAC and South America.
AES is specialised in the design, R&D and manufacture of Wireless Security transmission solutions, for transmitting and remote control of alarm and other critical systems.
AES IntelliNet is a Web Mesh Radio based system that requires no other third parties to cover complete countries with secure alarm data communications without the need for large antennas because each A4 sized transceiver as well as sending and receiving it's own data, can act as a relay station for up to 8 other units.
AES IntelliNet is used by State Police, Homeland Security, MOI, Civil Defense, Military, Fire Authorities and major security companies in over 70 countries.
AES IntyelliVu is a newly introduced wireless CCTV system using AES's 35 years of wireless security experience.
AES IntelliVu is a new secure CCTV , VoiP or data link that can be used in many configurations, 1:1 16:1 and Mesh.

High security wireless alarm/data transmission

What we offer:
AES Intellinet has at its centre a double redundant receiver that is connected to up to 10000site subscriber units via IP enabled wireless links that can be next to the receiver or anywhere on a Cat5, LAN, WAN, VPN or worldwide IP network.
This creates a fast secure and private wireless network that can cover a single military base or a country.
Each site unit can communicate with up to 8 other units within a radius of 7 - 12 kms, thus expanding the network by that distance with each new site.
IntelliNet does not really have any direct competitors, the other classic ways to send this kind of data are PSTN, GSM/GPRS and IP which can all be stopped by a pair of wire cutters, jammed or unhelpful third party supplier.; There are other wireless systems, but they are only 1 way so unsupervised.

What are we looking for:
AES seeks organisations secure alarm and data signaling. such as
1. Governments to keep such data private.
2. MOIs to ensure Homeland Security works even under difficult conditions.
3. Military for really high security of large area installations.
4. National, local and security police who to provide security of transmission.
5. Civil Defense for systems that will keep functioning when natural or manmade disasters stop the normal phone, GSM and IP working.
6. Prison/detention services, AES Intelligard offers a very economical solution to this challenge.
7. Organisations that are responsible for CIT, for our GPS tracking and management system IntelliTrack.

AES offer a free design service non obligation offers plus all assistance to install systems and train operators and installers,

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Martin Tee

Regional Director
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