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Kenyon Consumer products

141 Fairgrounds road
ZIP Code
West Kingston
United States

Company Profile:
For over 25 years, Kenyon has been dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts the highest quality products on the market. Our customers range from hunters, skiers, backpackers, military workers, construction workers, and all others who brave the wrath of Mother Nature’s cold weather. Kenyon Consumer Products thermals have been employed on polar expeditions as well as the space shuttle.

Kenyon’s research and development department has been busy upgrading both our fabrics and finishes to bring our customers the latest technological improvements. Please contact us for samples or swatches of our Outlast fabrics for the latest in state of the art Smart Fabric technology. We are proud to work closely with Outlast in the development of revolutionary thermal comfort.

We thank all of our customers for their continued support and look forward to satisfying many new ones in years to come. Please feel free to contact the Sales department with questions or sample and fabric requests.

Outdoor equipment and military clothing

What we offer:
Thermal underwear: Kenyon's full range of thermal offerings provide maximum confort and warmth at all temperature
and activity levels.

F/R garments: Kenyon's proprietary flame resistant T-shirts, thermals, and face masks are for safety in military, police, contruction, and electrical occupations.

Camping accessories: Kenyon carries those hard to find small accessories that make your camping experience more comfortable.

Military clothing: Kenyon’s line of military clothing includes thermals, jackets, and accessories designed for the rigorous needs of military, police, and security personnel.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Andy Curtis

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