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3655 Nobel Drive, Suite 520
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United States

Company Profile:
Kellan™ tactical flashlights are the first and only handheld and weapon mounted LED flashlights equipped with a wireless remote control system. Advanced, Kellan™ is setting a new standard where tactical systems and accessories meet innovative wireless technologies. Remote controls are integrated directly into rifle hand grips of user's choice. Kellan™ is further breaking ground in smart solutions using patented wireless technology, and creating retro fitted attachments compatible with top of the line flashlights currently on the market, and making them-wireless. Kellan™ wireless flashlights and wireless accessories are revolutionizing the worldwide upgrade of tactical weapon technology.

World leader in smart solutions

What we offer:
Wireless Tactical Accessories:
High powered remote controlled flashlights
Remote controlled Infrared lights
Weapon mounted tactical lights
Rifle grip integrated remote control activation systems
AK 47 Upgrade Kit
AK 47 Mounting Bracket
AK 47 Mounted Wireless Tactical Flashlights
AK 47 Grip integrated remote control systems for mounted tactical accessories
AR 15/M16 Mounted Wireless Tactical Flashlights
AR 15/M16 Grip integrated remote control systems for weapon mounted tactical accessories
Gyroscope programmed pistol lights
Flash/Submission systems for law enforcement/tactical operations
Flashlight Head and tail cap wireless conversion systems for existing commercial tactical flashlights

What are we looking for:
We are currently seeking different distribution and dealer channels throughout the world and are open for communication. Military and government contracts in civilian/law enforcement and national/government defense organizations.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Magdalena WOZNICKI

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