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Company Profile:
Europol is the European law enforcement agency. Our job is to make Europe safer by assisting the Member States of the European Union in their fight against serious international crime and terrorism. Large–scale criminal and terrorist networks pose a significant threat to the internal security of the EU and to the safety and livelihood of its people. The biggest security threats come from terrorism, international drug trafficking and money laundering, organised fraud, counterfeiting of the euro currency, and people smuggling. But new dangers are also accumulating, in the form of cyber crime, trafficking in human beings, and other modern-day threats. This is a multi–billion euro business, quick to adapt to new opportunities and resilient in the face of traditional law enforcement measures.

The agency uses its unique information capabilities and the expertise of 700 staff to identify and track the most dangerous criminal and terrorist networks in Europe. Law enforcement authorities in the EU rely on this intelligence work and the services of Europol’s operational coordination centre and secure information network, to carry out almost 12 000 cross–border investigations each year. These have led to the disruption of many criminal and terrorist networks, to the arrest of thousands of dangerous criminals, to the recovery of millions of euro in criminal proceeds, and to the recovery from harm of hundreds of victims, including children trafficked for sexual exploitation. Europol also acts as a major centre of expertise in key fields of law enforcement activity and as a European centre for strategic intelligence on organised crime. Its Organised Crime Threat Assessment is a seminal product for EU policy–makers and police chiefs.

Europol enjoys excellent cooperation arrangements with law enforcement partners in Europe and beyond. It also values its accountability arrangements and data protection regime, which are among the most robust and transparent in the world. We welcome public interest in our work and trust that the contents of this website offer the reader a good illustration of our activities, the responsible way in which they are carried out, and the impact they are having in making Europe safer.

The European Law Enforcement Agency

What we offer:
As the European Union’s law enforcement agency, Europol’s mission is to support its Member States in preventing and combating all forms of serious international crime and terrorism. Its role is to help achieve a safer Europe for the benefit of all EU citizens by supporting EU law enforcement authorities through the exchange and analysis of criminal intelligence.

Large-scale criminal and terrorist networks pose a significant threat to the internal security of the EU and to the safety and livelihood of its people. The biggest security threats come from terrorism, international drugs trafficking, trafficking in human beings, counterfeiting of the euro currency and payment cards, fraud, corruption and money laundering as well as other activities related to the presence of organised crime groups in the economy. New dangers are also accumulating, in the form of cybercrime, VAT fraud and other sophisticated crimes which abuse modern technology and the freedoms offered by the EU internal market. All of these have been declared priority areas by the European Union’s Council of Ministers.

Europol’s vision is to contribute to a safer Europe by providing the best possible support to law enforcement authorities in the Member States. It will achieve this by delivering a unique set of operational services for the European Union, developing as the principal:

-Support centre for law enforcement operations
-Criminal information hub, and
-Centre for law enforcement expertise

What are we looking for:
"Public Procurement" means the purchasing of works, supplies and services by public bodies. The objective of public procurement is to increase the competition amongst potential suppliers/ service providers, thereby achieving better value for money, while at the same time developing market opportunities for companies.

A procurement procedure leads to the conclusion of a public contract.

All Europol procurement procedures are centrally managed by the Europol Procurement Office to ensure consistency and coherence in application of the rules and to guarantee that the principles of transparency, proportionality, equal treatment and non-discrimination are complied with.

Please visit our website to discover current procurement tenders.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


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