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FY-Composites Oy

Menotie 4
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Company Profile:
1. FY-Composites is located in Southern Finland.

2. We are defence indutry SME specialized in R&D, manufacturing and After Sales Service of light weight composite armoring solutions and composite products.
3. FY-Composites has during its over 20 years existence conducted several demanding project where it has had always responsibility of development, prodution and installation activities. Company has supplied composite solutions example for the following applications: deep sea submarine vessels, passanger ships, Navy ships and hovercrafts, fats vehicles' and containers' armoring, personal ballistic protection, lightweght machine parts and bullet train structures.

Ballistic protection and lightweight armoring solutions

What we offer:
1. Lightweight armoring solutions and personal ballistic protection products.

2. R&D co-operation to innovate better performace products.

3. Protection of soldiers, policemen, vehicles, ships, containers, etc

4. Much previous experince of different armoring projects.

What are we looking for:
If you are looking for a particular technology:
1. New raw materials and technology solutions for production of vehicle's hard/semi-rigid armors, transparent armors personal protection equipments - helmets, shields, inserts, , etc
2. Lighter and better performance protection solutions.
3. We have products in diffrent development phases like concept, preprototypes, prototype for tests, full scale prototypes and test series

If you are looking for a partner:
1. Industry company who is itself porducing raw material for our applications.
2. Composite raw materials
3. What tasks need to be performed by Manufacture, distribution, etc.)

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Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement


Asko Kylkilahti

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