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Direction de la Sécurité Civile

87, Quai du Docteur Dervaux
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The Civil Defense Department is attached to the Ministry of the Interior. They are the central structure in charge of managing risks of all kinds, whether major or everyday incidents, within or outside France.

The COGIC (inter ministerial crisis management operations centre) operates within this department. The COGIC acts both as a constant watchdog and the central body for monitoring and managing crisis community life (natural and technological risks, health risks and major events such as political summits and sporting events).

It is placed under the authority of a Prefect, and its rank consist of 2500 civilian and military staff divided between 60 sites. They support the local action of the fire brigades, associations, volunteers, these agents can act in conjunction with the staff of other ministries, such as the Defense, health, Foreign Affairs or European ministries. In providing help to the populations of a country hit by a natural disaster, these men and women contribute to France's reputation abroad.

French Civil Defence Department - Ministry of the Interior

What we offer:
The Civil Defence Department is divided into four activity-based sections:

The national operational services operate within French territory and contribute to international rescue operations as part of the European civilian protection system. Key figures: 23 fire-fighting aircrafts, 36 emergency aid helicopters, 26 bomb disposal units, and 1483 sapper-rescuers from the military teams of the Civil Defence Department.

The fire brigade and first aid services are in charge of the protection of people. The sub-department defines the doctrine for the deployment and equipment of 250,000 territorial firemen, servicemen and volunteers and 150,000 first aid workers.

Risk management is applied to the three phases of a crisis: preparation, response and feedback, whatever the origin of the disaster.

Administration and logisitics control the budget, staff and management of national stocks (maintenance of the automobile fleet and specific equipment, and stock management). In the event of a crisi, they can dispatch this equipment anywhere in France in a very short time.

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Jean Claude Geney

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