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DOUANES, French National Customs

11, rue des deux communes
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Company Profile:
French Customs are part of the Ministry of the Budget, Public Accounts, the Civil Service, and State Reform. Its tasks cover three main areas:

Revenue collection:
Customs collect revenues on behalf of the central government, the European Union and local governments.

Customs monitor international trade, advise businesses and monitors and manages economic sectors.

Security for France and Europe:
Customs combat large scale illegal trafficking
Customs ensure the security of airports, port facilities and railway premises
Customs fight the employment of undocumented workers and monitors immigration at certain authorized border crossings.
Customs protects the environment by monitoring movements of toxic and radioactive materials
Customs participates in the government's action at sea in pollution prevention, search and rescue, and fisheries protection

DOUANES - French National Customs

What we offer:
To ensure performance of its tasks, Customs relie on a large fleet of vehicles, watercraft and aircraft. Customs has also a diverse range of modern detection equipment, including two new mobile radiography units for inspecting heavy goods vehicles and containers.

What are we looking for:
Equipment listed above.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


St├ęphanie Goupil

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