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4, avenue des Trois Peuples
ZIP Code
Montigny le Bretonneux

Company Profile:
Since 10 years, ATERMES creates, develops and produces high technology equipments for weaponry, aeronautic, space, telecom & medical industries.

Research and realisation of integrated systems.
Research of electronics, mechanics, software and hardware, medical and optronic conceptions.
Software development.
Electronics CAD development.
Mechanics CAD development.
Prototype realisation.
Mass production material.
Maintaining operational conditions, equipment reparations.

Artemis is a tactical terminal which allows a complete system management and control based upon the latest generation PC. Ultra robust, ARTEMIS is an extremely reliable and powerful work tool, workable under particularly harsh environments. Terminal's flexibility allows it to be used in wide range of military, paramilitary and industrial applications.

The OCR is destined to be carried out on theatres of operation where mobility is a decisive factor of achievement and effectiveness such as military, civil and industrial interventions. OCR system allows having a simple headquarters, which is able to be arrayed quickly on the field, and allows having a synthetic visualisation of the entire of data from the different system of information and communication.

Hardware, optronics, mechanics, design, development, production

What we offer:
Since 1989, ATERMES develop strength ability in the activities of the defence domain and offer to its customers :
- Its knowledge of norms and constraints of the armament (lists GAM, environments constraints, documentation norms...).
- Its quality system of level AQAP2110/ISO 9001.
- Its experience of installation on board and maintain in operational conditions.
- Respect of armament quality direction's demands.

ATERMES get involved in conception and development, manufacture, installation on board and maintain in operational conditions of embedded materials.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Thibault Goasmat

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