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Sioen Industries is a diversified stock quoted group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of clothing, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles. Vertical and horizontal integration, diversification and permanent growth have driven us since 1960.

Our business
Sioen Industries is:

- The world leader in coated technical textiles
- Strong specialisation in high end technical apparel
- Specialist in fine chemicals
- Global player in the processing of technical textiles

Our business statement

We will continuously optimise the conversion of:
- chemicals
- customised technical fabrics
- foil sheets through our unique and cost effective vertically integrated process capabilities, up to and including
- the transformation into finished products.

We will focus on global B-to-B customers and professional users in order to assure continuity, risk-spreading and profitable growth for all our stakeholders. We will do the above in a dynamic environment, through flexible and quick response to the market, focussed R&D efforts and a global sales and production presence.

In addition, we will develop environmental friendly coating and converting technologies to set a winning standard for primarily green safety and protective products to create sustainable profitable growth.

Our areas of expertise
We must excel at R&D collaboration across the entire organisation in order to benefit from and optimise the knowledge/expertise and to develop new profitable growth products/solutions and process cost savings.

Production enginering
We must excel at continuous improvement of our production processes and know-how to keep and make them state-of-the-art, cost effective and flexible and to achieve the right quality requirements.

Market inteligence
We must excel at detecting and understanding current and future market needs in order to develop customised solutions and bring them timely (faster than competition) to the market.

Global growth coordination
We must excel at integrating and coordinating our new sales force and production investments in order to maximise their effectiveness for the group and to avoid overlap or wasted resources.

Our core values
All Sioen companies have as their core values integrity, fairness, honesty and respect in all aspects of their business. Sioen Industries expects the same from all its business partners.

Our strengths
- Vertical integration, making us independent of outside suppliers, giving us a major technical advantage and better R&D.
- Technical expertise. Sioen products predominate where technical specifications are decisive.
- A “hands-on”, unbureaucratic corporate culture.

Coated technical textiles, protective clothing, fine chemicals and processing coated fabrics.

What we offer:
Coated fabrics
Protective clothing
Trucks and trailers (held for sale)
Pigment pastes
Pigment granules
Wall coverings
Filt and filters

Sioen Industries is the world market leader in coated technical textiles, the European market leader in industrial protective clothing, a niche specialist in fine chemicals and one of the biggest global players in the processing of technical textiles into semi-manufactured goods and technical end products.

Three divisions under one roof:

The Coating Division specialises in the integrated coating of technical textiles and controls the entire production process, from the extrusion of yarns (spinning), via the weaving of technical fabric and the production of pigment pastes and granulates through to coating with various materials. This vertical integration represents a distinct competitive advantage.

The Coating division is also responsible for the processing of coated fabrics and PVC film. The division covers all the group’s ‘heavy duty product’ manufacturing activities: pond liners, tent kadors, airbags, filters, roller shutters, and so on. This is another area in which Sioen is a major global player.

The Apparel Division designs and produces high-quality protective clothing for both industrial and recreational applications. Sioen has a reputation for quality and flexibility.

Sioen Chemicals Division is a fast, flexible, service oriented supplier of tailor-made products:

-pigment pastes, for colouring PU and PVC coatings, epoxies, acrylic resins and silicones.
-granules for injection moulding, extrusion (plate-fibre-foil) and blow moulding.
-varnishes, a wide range of colourless water and solvent borne and UV-curable varnishes and lacquerings.
-inks, for wide and super wide format digital printing and decorative inks.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement



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