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Satcom pioneering company with over 280 employees in 5 continents.

Satellite communications

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Be Ready For More Data

Authorities have a wide spectrum of tasks to fulfil, ranging from crisis interventions to welfare, healthcare and education. Inherent in these tasks is the need for communication. Satellite communication is the obvious choice for quick deployments or remote areas deprived from any terrestrial connection.

The Newtec satellite professional equipment portfolio addresses satellite connectivity to support important government tasks such as:

Crisis Interventions
In the context of natural or man made disaster the quick rehabilitation of the local area, its community and the recovery of administrative and socio-economic infrastructure is key. Establishing quick communication routes without dependency of terrestrial infrastructure brings governments directly to the Newtec satellite IP modulation equipment (Elevation) for high speed, efficient and ‘always-on’ connectivity.

Following applications are supported:

Fixed IP Communications between HQ & Remotes
Disaster Recovery
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for forest fires, disaster area surveillance
Comms on the Move/Pause

Peace-Keeping and Security

An important task for the government is to maintain peace and security for its citizens and inhabitants. These tasks can be spread over different government ministries or departments. In the context of the United Nations: to contribute to the furthering of a peace process, once established. This includes, but is not limited to, the monitoring of conflict areas, the supervision of elections, and the provision of reconstruction aid. With Elevation and FlexACM®, Newtec brings optimized bandwidth throughput to satellite communications at the highest availability helping governments to squeeze more data through the same bandwidth, or save on OPEX.

Following applications are supported:

Fixed IP Communications between HQ & Remotes
National security applications
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for homeland surveillance
Connectivity between embassies
Comms on the Move/Pause

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Business cooperation

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