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Xenics is a well established and rapidly growing high-tech company about to enter exciting new fields of infrared products and applications, serving the markets with excellent products and a strong technology background. This enables us to do custom designed chips and add functionality as requested, such as specific read-out capability.

Uncooled InGaAs-based devices will revolutionize the global markets for short wave infrared spectroscopy, imaging and non-contact temperature measurement. Uncooled bolometer-based products will revolutionize the markets for thermal imaging and thermography. While advanced cooled products will continue to grow in the markets that require the ultimate performance level or specialty features.

You will see many exciting new infrared applications - commercial, industrial, medical, security-related, scientific, and many others - over the coming years. That's exactly where Xenics is positioned. Thus, Xenics will play a leading role in developing these exciting markets.

Xenics offers products covering the most active IR wavelength areas from 1 up to 14 micrometer. They come as line-scan as well as two-dimensional devices. Xenics also delivers custom detectors, infrared cameras or electro-optic instrumentation solutions according to our customers' agreed specifications and project setups.

IR infrared technologies

What we offer:
Infrared camera detection for security applications:

Detection beyond the visible
Infrared technology is a modern and advanced method to detect and analyse scenes normally hidden from the human eye. Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras catch reflected energy from infrared sources like the sun, stars, LEDs or lasers. SWIR cameras based on InGaAs technology are perfectly suited to use this nightglow phenomenon to “see” objects even when it is pitch dark. MWIR and LWIR (Mid Wave and Long Wave Infrared) thermal imaging cameras, on the other hand, capture the intrinsic heat radiated by objects: warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds. Humans and other warm-blooded animals become easily visible against the environment, day or night.


Perimeter Detection
You can identify potential threats and dangers, such as unauthorized entry of intrusion with Xenics infrared imaging cameras covering the complete wavelength. Unique from shortwave till longwave thermal imaging.

Fever Detection
Xenics' thermal imaging cameras help to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. Early detection of elevated body temperature, fever, is crucial to avoid this spreading. Xenics thermal infrared cameras offer a solution that is simple, reliable and stable; and the examination takes no longer than a fraction of a second.

Night Vision
You can easily detect people or objects with thermal imaging cameras, such as LWIR uncooled microbolometers. However SWIR InGaAs cameras are a good compliment to thermal imaging cameras. While thermal imaging can detect the presence of a warm object against a cool background, a SWIR camera can actually identify what that object is.

Search and Rescue
Saving lives with infrared imaging is proven to be an eminently viable tool. Xenics sensitive infrared camera systems detect humans in the worst weather conditions and add value by “seeing” beyond the spectral range of the human eye.

Security Monitoring
Weather you need general surveillance, detection, recognition or identification, Xenics reliable infrared imaging cameras can perfectly cover this task. Our Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras will identify humans or objects whereas thermal imaging cameras can detect at very long distance.

Situational Firefighting
Maintenance teams can prevent the starting of fire by detecting hot spots. Early detection of smoke or fire from a long distance can save many lives including firefighters. Highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras from Xenics provide enhanced vision through dense smoke, detect victims or allow for better understanding of the environment.

Traffic Safety
The rate of traffic accidents can substantially lower with infrared imaging even in total darkness. Driver assistance systems using Near Infrared (NIR) imaging are giving much better depiction of the scene ahead than mere visual observation. With thermal imaging cameras you can even look four times further ahead.

Vision Enhancement
Pilots can navigate in the dark or land safely in bad weather conditions thanks to standard infrared imaging cameras in Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS). The extended Visual Near Infrared (VisNIR) InGaAs detectors solve a surprising problem emerging from the switch to LED technology in runway lighting which produce less IR light. In combination with thermal imaging cameras at different wavelengths, the sight of the flight crew improves considerably.

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