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About Ouvry

OUVRY is a Company, based in Lyon - France, which specialises in the study, research, development and manufacturing of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) personal protective equipment (PPE) and related concepts. OUVRY can offer concepts across the full spectrum of CBRN protection: ranging from impermeable solutions (utilising impermeable or semi-permeable barrier materials and technologies) through to wholly air permeable solutions

Best references for CBRN protective systems

OUVRY : licencee of the SARATOGA technology SARATOGA is the most trusted family of adsoptive coumpounds dedicated for CBRN protection in the world. SARATOGA has more than 150 filter material references. Thanks to extremely high performance spherical carbon and air permeable textiles combinations, the individual protective systems beased on SARATOGA garantee: THE BEST PROTECTION THE HIGHEST COMFORT THE MAXIMAL DURABILITY SARATOGA best references: JSLIST and OPCW

Our references

French Civil Defence - CBRN equipments. French FELIN Program (Fantassin à Equipement et Liaisons Intégrées) - 33 000 CBRN subsystems for the French MoD. DGA (General Delegation for the Armament) - R&T contracts. French Gendarmerie - CBRN equipments. EDA (European Defence Agency) - Research & Technology (R&T) contract EOD-CBRN dual systems. French Fire fighters (Services Départementaux d’Incendie et de Secours (SDIS)) - CBRN systems.

CBRN NRBC protection systems

What we offer:
CBRN Lightweight Intervention Concept

Based on a permeable technology incorporating activated carbon spheres, it is very light and ergonomic and complies with the Directive 89/686/EEC relating to personal protective equipment category III. It protects against chemical warfare agents - CWA (HD, GD,...) in liquid, vapour and aerosol form (NATO AEP 38); against radioactive particles in air suspension (EN 1073-2) and ensure a chemical protection type 5 (EN 13982 - 1) for 6 hours in a contaminated area, even after rain (wet...).

CBRN Combat Clothing Concept

Against CBRN liquid, vapour & aerosol threats - 24 hours Worn instead of or on top of regular uniform Precautionary permanent wear or emergency CBRN Head subsystem : Integrated garment hood adapted to the mask. Hand subsystem : Air permeable CBRN combat gloves. Feet subsystem : CBRN Integrated combat boots or Air permeable CRBN socks or Butyles Impermeable overboots. Body subsystem : Precautionary permanent wear two piece suit. Concept Benefits Comfort Design

CBRN Undergarment Concept

Against CBRN vapour challenge - 24 hours Worn under the regular clothing or business suit Light, thin and ergonomic Head subsystem: Air permeable CBRN hood (Integrated hood version available). Hand subsystem: Leather air permeable CRBN gloves. Feet subsystem: Air permeable CRBN socks. Body subsystem: CBRN Undergarment coverall: 1 or 2 piece. Concept Benefits: Comfort Thin and comfortable under helmet/ Low weight ( Protection Reduced secondary contamination risk)

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ludovic Ouvry

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