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Bât. First. ZIP Brégaillon 663, avenue 1ère Armée Française
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Company Profile:
SUPRAMECA SAS is an innovative company specialised in the design and the manufacturing of equipments to fight against terrorism and for land and sea demining.

Our products are mainly intended to be supplied all around the world to the special forces of many different armies and police, but also to bomb-disposal and civil defence units.

SUPRAMECA always designs its products in close collaboration with professionals for the renowned units of the French and foreign armies. Our equipments are particularly studied to enable an easy and fast installation on the targets and objectives to be dealt with. Thanks to their robust design, they perfectly adapt to the constraints of extreme mechanical and climatic environments. Compact and lightweight, they fully meet the requirements of the users while maintaining an excellent value for money.

For the 2011 exhibition, SUPRAMECA SAS will be display their most recent product innovations together with our latest technical advances in counter-terrorism and land and sea demining.

Equipments to fight against terrorism and for land and sea demining

What we offer:
SUPRAMECA offers many products and in particular :

▶ An underwater fixing tool, “SupraFix”, capable of operating in water up to 150m deep,
▶ A high performance drilling tool, “SupraDrilling”, to carry out interventions on armored vehicles,
▶ Multipurpose precision linear explosive shaped charges, “SupraBlade”, used for land and underwater applications,
▶ Special explosive charges, “Rebcu”, for cutting metallic rebars and cables used for land and underwater applications,
▶ Multipurpose precision conical explosive shaped charges, “SupraConic”, used for land and underwater applications,
▶ An underwater explosive charge, “SupraCoupex 850”, mainly used for cutting anchor chain links of ships,
▶ Special explosive charges, “SupraKor”, used for breaching of man-size hole into a metallic wall and reinforced concrete wall,
▶ Explosive water charges, “SupraBox”, some being used for rapid opening of reinforced doors and other designed to neutralize improvised explosive devices.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Leopold BILANG

Business Manager
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