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Cyalume Technologies designs, develops and produces extremely reliable Chemical & Electronic Lights for Safety & Security applications. Proven by the world’s top Militaries, Cyalume is working diligently to continue development of leading edge light technologies and deliver products to everyone that needs to see their way to safety.

When your safety depends on light, remember that Cyalume® is the name trusted millions of times every year. With extended shelf lives guaranteed in writing, Cyalume is the one to reach for first.

Cyalume® ChemLight®, Lighting solutions for tactical and safety purposes.

What we offer:
Cyalume is the undisputed world leader in innovative specialty light technology serving a variety of tactical, supply, and safe egress missions with proven reliability and effectiveness.

Integrated into military procedures and doctrines, Cyalume ChemLights® are used by an overwhelming majority of military forces around the world, millions of times each year.

Your mission depends on effective operations; Cyalume is a name you can trust. Cyalume® lights are waterproof, durable, self contained and ready all the time, every time.

ChemLights® can be air dropped with personnel or equipment, ejected into the ocean or blasted out of a 40mm gun: Cyalume® lights stay on.

See and be seen or decide to use IR stealth. Either way, Cyalume can control darkness to your advantage.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Military Police, Fire, Special Ops, all use ChemLights® Made exclusively to military specifications in the US and France, Cyalume lights are deployed everywhere and are being advanced every day.


Chemiluminescent payloads offer versatile applications and environmentally-friendly training and tactical ammunition alternatives

Chemiluminscent ammunition is a new category of training and tactical ammunition that is displacing conventional live rounds. The impetus to develop the technology came directly from the U.S. Military’s requirement to address the unexploded ordnance “dud” problems associated with live training rounds. Chemiluminescent ammunition works by replacing the explosive pay-load found in conventional ammunition with a Cyalume chemical-light insert that provides a realistic hit signature upon impact. However, since the round is inert, it does not generate potentially deadly unexploded ordnance “duds”. Cyalume’s chemiluminescent ammunition is also non-pyrotechnic which means that it does not pose a risk of starting deadly and costly range fires. Each year thousands of precious acres near training grounds throughout the U.S. are destroyed as a result of fires started by conventional ammunition during training exercises. To limit this risk, the military will often suspend training during dry conditions. Chemiluminescent ammunition does not present a fire risk and therefore can be used in all weather conditions. In addition, Cyalume’s chemiluminescent ammunition is environmentally-friendly as the chemistry involved is non-toxic.

Cyalume is currently partnered with a number of the leading ammunition companies including General Dynamics, Rheinmetall Defence and Fiocchi Ammunition to incorporate the Company’s unique chemiluminescent payload technology into a myriad of new calibers.

What are we looking for:
Main purpose of the partnership is to reach key markets in military and in public safety (law enforcement, firefighters) and industrial safety (rail, highway, nuclear...)

Business cooperation.
Ability to reach institutional or semi institutional key accounts (government bodies, industrial groups, etc...)

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


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