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Company Profile:
Intoximeters, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri USA with a subsidiary office in Totnes, Devon UK. Intoximeters produces and markets a full line of alcohol breath testing instruments.
Since 1945, Intoximeters has been a leader in the breath alcohol detection field. Early on, law enforcement, probations and correction agencies were the primary customers for this type of equipment. However, as the extent of alcohol abuse in society became more recognized, other markets for breath alcohol testing products developed - most notably in the industrial occupational health sector.

Although initially driven by federal mandates, the costs associated with alcohol abuse in the workplace have encouraged more and more employers to institute alcohol and drug testing on their own to reduce absenteeism, worker's compensation costs, accident insurance costs and to improve overall safety in the workplace. Intoximeters' products, designed for use in law enforcement environments, have been easily adapted for a wide range of industrial applications.

Intoximeters has fully utilized advances in both sensor and data processing technologies. Today, there are a wide variety of mandated testing protocols at the local, state and federal levels, many with strict reporting requirements. Intoximeters has responded to this market need by developing a complete line of instruments with advanced data processing and communications capabilities.

Intoximeters, Inc. also provides comprehensive customer support by offering training courses in the operation and maintenance of each of its instruments and associated software products.

Breath alcohol testing equipment

What we offer:
2010: Intoximeters introduces the Alco-Sensor® V line.

The Alco-Sensor® V line of products offers a range of configurations; from a standalone handheld instrument (ASV), to a handheld instrument with print capabilities (ASV and printer) to full systems (RBTV and ASV @ Point of Arrest System®) with data input and print capabilities.

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Business cooperation

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Bill Haupert

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