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Company Profile:
Morpho is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Safran group, an international high-technology group with three core businesses: Aerospace, Defense and Security.

It has 55,000 employees and annual sales exceeding 10,4 billion euros in 2009. The Safran group comprises a number of companies with prestigious brand names, and holds, alone or in partnership, global or European leadership positions in all of its markets. Committed to innovation, it spends more than €1 billion yearly on research and development.

Morpho, who was previously trading under the name “Sagem Sécurité” posted revenue of €904 million, with a growth rate topping 30 percent and 5,600 employees in 2009.

Morpho is the world leader in identity management and security control solutions for governments and private companies. Morpho provides world class products and solutions in the fields of law enforcement, as well as identity management and verification.

In particular, Morpho is ranked number 1 worldwide in civil identity applications (biometrical ID documents issuance and management), law enforcement solutions (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems - AFIS), as well as airports and borders control systems (explosive detection).

Morpho has delivered solutions to over 450 government agencies in more than100 countries.

Morpho’s presence in the aviation industry results in its unique position of mastering the entire chain of multi biometric technologies defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Morpho is committed to the technologies of the future. More than 7 percent of its annual turnover is dedicated to research and development, an investment that has enabled it to become the only company to master each technology in the security chain. It stands behind the viability of its solutions with one of the world’s largest R&D centers focused on identification technologies.

Morpho puts customer satisfaction first. It backs its products and systems with an extensive range of services, from design through support and maintenance. Its close partnership with customers helps it anticipate future trends and fuel its ongoing innovation.

To best supply end-to-end security solutions, Morpho has state-of-the-art production plants in seven countries. It maintains a wide degree of flexibility and responsiveness to meet specific customer needs. For example, its high-production capacity enables it to output more than 1 million smart cards a day and 4 million e-passports a year.

A world leader to secure physical & logical access

What we offer:
Morpho delivers products and solutions targeted at governments, national agencies and administrations dedicated to law enforcement and border control, as well as private companies in need of secure physical or logical access control Morpho comprises three divisions: Identification, e-Documents and Detection.

Identification division
Morpho’s Identification Division provides end-to-end solutions for identity management, criminal justice, border (...)

e-Documents division
Morpho e-Documents as a Division of Morpho is a pioneer and a global leader in the field of Smart Cards and (...)

Detection division
Morpho’s advanced detection and identification solutions help protect people and property in some of the most (...)

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Jean-Marc Bernadaux

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