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NATO's Maintenance & Supply Agency: NAMSA

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Company Profile:
NAMSA: NATO's Logistics Agency of Excellence.

Established in 1958, the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) is NATO’s principal logistics support management agency.

NAMSA’s main task is to assist NATO nations by organizing common procurement and supply of spare parts and arranging maintenance and repair services necessary for the support of various weapon systems in their inventories. This assistance is available whenever two or more nations operate the same system and have made a conscious decision to use NAMSA’s support facilities.

NAMSA’s activities are overseen by the NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO), formed by 28 NATO nations with the purpose of achieving maximum effectiveness in logistics support at minimum cost to those nations, both individually and collectively. Through a Board of Directors, NAMSO provides guidance to NAMSA on policy and oversees the implementation of that policy.

The main areas in which the Agency is involved are:

Contract Management
Engineering and Technical Support

Most of these logistics services are outsourced to industry and the Agency’s main role is in consolidating nations’ requirements, centralizing logistics management activities, conducting international competitive bidding processes and controlling the cost and quality of the services rendered to customers.

Many NATO nations see advantages in a collaborative approach with other members of the Alliance – particularly where this proves to be more cost–effective than supporting their equipment individually. NAMSA’s aim is to ensure that customers receive the very best logistics support available to guarantee the operational readiness of their various weapon and equipment systems.

NAMSA also provides support for the NATO Codification System (NCS) and in the developing area of on-line, Internet based, cooperative logistics for the management, exchange, sharing and procurement of materiel. In recent years, the Agency has become increasingly involved in providing logistical support for NATO operations and for deployed Armed Forces of NAMSO member states. NAMSA has also taken the lead in several demilitarization projects for the destruction of anti-personnel landmines, conventional munitions and light weapons. A number of agreements have been reached for NAMSA to support non-NATO nations under the Partnership for Peace (PfP) initiative.

NATO NAMSA: Maintenance, Supply and Logistics

What we offer:
Support for NATO nations and NATO bodies

As NATO’s premier logistics Agency, NAMSA provides cooperative logistics services to its customers – the NATO nations and other NATO bodies – underpinned by three basic principles: consolidation, centralization and competition.

Consolidation. NAMSA consolidates identical or similar logistics requirements expressed by two or more of its customers. The consolidation of requirements means larger quantities can be ordered, resulting in lower prices.

Centralization. By placing their requirements with NAMSA, customers have the added advantage of addressing a single entity rather than having to deal with a multitude of suppliers.

Competition. NAMSA’s international competitive bidding allows a widest market to be scoured to obtain the best quality at the lowest prices.

As an international organisation, NAMSA is exempt from value added tax (VAT) and customs duties. In addition, thanks to an agreement with the US Government, the surcharge levied on Foreign Military Sales (FMS) is waived in most of such transactions handled by NAMSA.

Support for Partnership for Peace (PfP) States

After a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between a PfP State and NAMSA, that State can participate in existing Weapon System Partnerships as an Associate State. In this way, NAMSA is authorised by the NAMSO Board of Directors (BOD) to provide its whole range of logistic services to PfP States

What are we looking for:
Innovative suppliers of:

Logistics Services
Supply Support
Contract Management
Logistics Documentation
Random Brokerage
Expedited Repair
Codification Support
Ammunition & Demilitarisation
Naval Logistics Support
Contingency Operations

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Marie-Claire Goller

Public Relations
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