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MC2 Technologies

5, Rue du Colibri
ZIP Code
Villeneuve d'Ascq

Company Profile:
MC2-Technologies is a spin off formed in 2004 by PhDs in microwave characterization and system design. The aim of this company is to develop innovative microwave systems for security applications.
An innovative mobile radiometric camera dedicated to the market for civil security and defence will be presented. This camera has the potential to view a scene through different materials such as fabrics, plastics, wood, plaster... . The depths of investigation can be up to several tens of cm. It is perfectly suited to the detection of hidden objects worn by persons or check the content of abandoned luggages.
This new mobile camera is very easy to use and doesn't require any specific power supply. The potentialities of this equipment has been validated from 1m up to 10m thanks to an autofocus system and the high spatial resolution of this camera. Besides, an image of a person through a wall of plaster 15cm thick has been achieved to validate the high sensibility of the equipment.

Microwave systems

What we offer:
DC andĀ·small signal (up to 325 GHz), large signal, linearity, RF noise...
Modelling based on measurement for small signal and non linear electrical simulations
Our expertise offer the opportunity to give reverse engineering as characterization feedbacks
Full wave electromagnetic simulation for antenna and microwave circuits design.

Radiometer for medical, security and industries applications
Microwave power amplifiers
RF low noise amplifiers
Automated measurement systems
Passif devices, couplers, splitters, waveguides...
Softwares, for automated model extraction

Radiometric camera for security applications.
Innovative measurement setups, like multi harmonic active load pull.

And much more... please visit our website.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Nicolas Vellas

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