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GROUP SSI was established in 1995 with a view to gaining leadership in government security through our partners’ vast experience, seasoned practice and extensive market intelligence.

As a leading market player, GROUP SSI offers unrivalled experience and state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of surveillance, security, and defence.

Through our sustained R&D and investment policy, we have broadened our range of products to meet the operational needs of law enforcement and military professionals, while remaining at the cutting edge of technology.

For the last 15 years, our customers have relied on our experience to address growing needs and challenges.

GROUP SSI Intl is headquartered in Versailles, near Paris, France. We enjoy an extensive network of ISO 9001 and RAQ2-certified sister companies and contractors, through which we operate globally – export contracts account for 70% of our sales. We are recognised internationally for our know-how and the quality of our products and services.

Our highly skilled teams of engineers and technical specialists provide product and system configuration services tailored to your specific needs in all aspects of electronics, optics, radio, signal processing or mechanics.

GROUP SSI provides the necessary operational maintenance for the equipment supplied. Our experts are standing by to advise you on the best products and applications or to meet your staff-training needs, whether in France or other countries.

Surveillance, government security

What we offer:
Counter-terrorism Countermeasure Detection Encryption Night vision Optical detection RF detection UAV Radar inspection Inspection Audio surveillance Audio burst transmission Audio signal processing Audio transmitters Beacons for audio surveillance Digital micro-transmitters Directional microphones GSM spyphones Laser Doppler detection Mains carrier surveillance Microphones Miniature recorders and receivers Optical fiber passive sensors Passive audio surveillance with recording Portable audio servers Telephone line surveillance Wired monitoring Video surveillance 3G Video Transmission ANPR Battery packs - Power supply Board cameras Camera detectors Camera housings CCTV lenses and optical systems COFDM Covert DVR Covert Miniature analog cameras Day/Night binolculars Day/Night camera Day/Night Long range surveillance Day/Night vision systems Dome cameras High-resolution motorized Pan/Tilt Intelligent video Intensified and multisensors cameras IP cameras IP servers IR lighting IR or UV sensitive digital SLR IR zoom laser Miniature COFDM Miniature motorized Pan/Tilt Mobile 360° panoramic cameras Mobile DVR Mobile X-Ray Inspection systems Monitors and screens Motorized Pan/Tilt Motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras Opto-electronic devices detectors Periscope zoom cameras Portable Law Enforcement cameras Portable receivers for airborn down link Quads, matrix, switchs Remote head cameras RF cameras Smart Hybrid mobile DVR Snipper rifflescope miniature cameras Special cameras Spy DVR cameras - Video concealment Surveillance motorcycles Surveillance scooters Surveillance vehicles Telemetry, joysticks and controlers Thermal cameras UAV Video Cameras Video encryption Video reviewing stations Locating and Tracking Cell ID tracking Gonio Direction Finder GSM / GPS tracking IRIDIUM tracking Forensic and telephone line GSM forensic extraction IMSI Catcher locating IMSI Catcher Locator Network tracker SMARTSHIELD VIP Smart Jammer SMS Sender Jamming GPS jamming Jamming vehicle Multiband jamming Portable multiband jamming Vehicle jamming Monitoring CDMA Monitoring GSM monitoring Satellite interception Vehicle Integration Integration into Smart Integration into Suburban Integration into Utility vehicules Integration Motorcycle - Scooter Systems et accessories Radio accessories Aeronautics radio accessories Boat radio accessories Motorcycle radio accessories Pedestrian radio accessories Vehicle radio accessories IT solutions

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Eric Joubert

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