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Company Profile:
With the third millennium, the world has become a global village in which you can reach any destination within 24 hours. Never before was it possible to exchange information so fast and in so many ways.

However, not only consumers but also criminal groups and terrorist organisations communicate and share information at breath-taking speeds.

This is why today, law enforcement as well as government agencies face increasingly the challenge to keep them at the bay.

With tailor-made services, products and solutions of cutting-edge technology, trovicor helps them to fulfill their mandates in respect of fighting crime and preventing terrorist attacks.

In today’s world, threats to personal safety and national security require rapid reaction.

The solutions have to reflect the fast growing telecommunications market and its rapidly changing trends and technologies.

Therefore trovicor is strongly committed to the constant evolution and upgrade of its systems to be on the forefront of today’s customer needs and requests.

Intelligence solutions

What we offer:
The trovicor - Intelligence Platform™ is an extremely versatile solution for collecting and analysing data. With its help meaning can be found amongst enormous amounts of seemingly irrelevant data.

The Intelligence Platform™ is a modular system to organise disparate snippets of information for law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and other government agencies.

trovicor’s Intelligence Platform™ consists of four basic parts: - Intelligence Desk - Intelligence Warehouse - Data Integration - Intelligence Applications

Intelligence Mining
Pattern Recognition
Behaviour Profiling
Indexing - Text Search
Mobile Location Tracking
Speaker Recognition
Link Analysis

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Birgitt Harrow

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