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Company Profile:
The Company Schmeisser GmbH proudly carries the name of Hugo Schmeisser. He certainly was one of the most innovative arms designers of the 20th century. This tradition will be continued by the new Schmeisser company into the 21th century.

The first project is the production of semi-automatic rifles type AR-15 for the discriminating rifleman and hunter as well as military/police selective fire arms of M4/M16 type.

As an essential point all relevant main components are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards with an assured speedy delivery of ordered guns and parts.

Our most rigid manufacturing & quality control scheme will set new best in class standards Our aim is the manufacturing of the best arms of this type in Krefeld, Germany. After several years of preparatory stage development and massive invests in gearing up for full production delivery will start in September 2010.

Furthermore a multitude of new developments and product upgrades for Ar-15 / M4 are in preparation. These will be unveiled within the next few month at various civilian / military trade fairs around the globe.

Firearms, weapons, rifles

What we offer:
The Schmeisser M4 creates a completely new rifle from an old design– right at the cutting edge of technology in design, manufacturing and materials.

All rifles conform to the latest NATO Mil Spec requirements and dimensions, assuring a 100% parts compatibility with already fielded arms.

In addition all our best quality parts and components are availiabe separately as spare parts and weapons upgrade kits for your existing stock.

All new is the Solid model series, which will be available at the end of this year, offering a 21th century approach at ruggedizing and optimizing the M-16 weapons system.
We accept no compromise in production. We know, to what details it depends on Stoner’s design.

We produce accordingly:
Raw material for our upper and lower receivers is batch tested 7075 T6 Aluminum, exeeding military specifications quality wise. Raw material for our bolt components is best Thyssen Krupp Steel procured directly from the mill.

Our material is drop-forged to most exacting tolerances in our specifically made dies and affords in comparison with parts machined from billet stock a far higher stability. The surface as well as the core grain structure has been consolidated by the forging process gaining a superior product.

We took utmost care with slightly revised construction, first-class materials and adequate upgrading of all material specifications, that you will get long lasting and most dependable use of your Schmeisser.
All our guns are manufactured according to the latest military specifications (Mil-Spec) with a most rigid certification of our suppliers , multiple checking of truth to dimensioning, advanced material and quality control tests as well as a stringent end product quality and continious manufacturing process control to set new best in class standards for our police / military line

Versatility – Your Request, Our Solution.

The most flexible R&D department of Schmeisser GmbH enables our clients to to find best solutions for their specific requirements and needs as fast as possible.
Be it entry guns, patrol carbines or designated marksman rifles we fully realize that specialist users need special tools next to the run of the mill M4 or M-16 rifle and we give our best to find and deliver you speedily an optimum solution together with our business partners.

Be it special corrosion protection coatings for maritime applications, advanced silencers for clandestine tasks or specialized optoelectronic day / night sighting systems , we realize your ideas and deliver the best – made in Germany.

Contact us for details. All Export Regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.
Police / Military orders will be processed directly by Schmeisser Germany
Handle one of our rifles at the shooting range and you will see what’s all about the Schmeisser AR.

Our Teutonic approach to precision manufacturing guarantees best accuracy and most reliable function – simply a gun to stake your life on !

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement



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