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9 Boulevard Marius et Réné Gruau Route De Rennes
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Company Profile:
Anticipating transport needs to serve professionals

For more than 120 years, GRUAU has been fitting out and converting commercial vehicles. Our business is fascinating because it is associated with the constantly changing world of automobiles in connection with:
-innovation and technology
-lifestyles and behaviour
-urban development in the regions and abroad.

Now, more than ever, commercial vehicles are particularly needed in the urban world with the demands it makes on distribution.

The GRUAU GROUP has a presence on all the niche markets in the field of commercial vehicles and has 3 major complementary and inter-related activities, to give our clients the best answers to their transport problems:

Traditional bodywork products: ranges listed with 23 world automobile manufacturers and sold under its brands: Gruau, Isberg, Labbé, Petit, Picot, Sanicar, Ducarme.

Manufacturers’ Products: short runs for automobile manufacturers of minibuses, high-cube van bodies, extension and raising of minivans or compact vans…

Microbus: a new answer to transport problems that is 100% Gruau. This multipurpose urban vehicle is ideal for use with a sustainable development policy in towns.

The GRUAU GROUP is always ready to listen to its clients and the changing market to create innovative products and services and offers the widest range in the European market.

Coachbuilding, vehicles manufacturing for Police & the Army

What we offer:
Whatever your policing system – national, regional or local – we can provide vehicles to suit your force’s image.

Because you are responsible for safety, we take care of yours. Our vehicles are designed to satisfy you with a robust, practical and efficient layout. A guarantee of safety for drivers and passengers.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Laurence Gilot

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