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LD La Guitonniere
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Company Profile:
Insecurity is continual in a complexe and uncertain world. Population ask for more security and responsibilities to authorities. Sûreté gathers a team of multidisciplinary experts able to address all your issues, from prevention to daily management.

Too often, security actors have a specialised vision of phenomena. We provide a global vision, a hierarchy of phenomena, and solutions built and discussed with stakeholders to manage the daily reality.

Prevent and manage territorial risks

What we offer:
Our teams realize expert opinion, audits and evaluations of existing operations and help you to manage them. Our philosophy goes even further : we conduct victimology studies, we audit street lighting, video monitoring and technology tools, we train the various actoris involved, and we also take the necessary steps to achieve optimal negociated objectives. We can make this reality through a carefully constructed multi-disciplinary team.
The team's skill extend to issues related to specific targeted audiences, school environment, sensitive suburbs, prevention efforts.
SûretéGlobale.Org designed MAP COMMANDER®, statistical information system and geographical risk management system.
SûretéGlobale.Org, in partnairship with BAYESIA, dévdevelops BAYESIALAB CRIME ANALYST, a data-mining software dedicated to crime and delinquency data.
SûretéGlobale.Org distributes INTELLA software, a data-mining software for unstructured data and crime analysis.

Natural or technological hazards, health or urban risks, SûretéGlobale.Org sets up your organization with the necessary devices (PCS, PCA ..). MAP COMMANDER® is truly a crisis management tool. It puts your Emergency Committee in a position to be the priviledged tool to resolve crisis including planned events (ie. Sport events) or unexpected events (ie. urban riots, sanitey crisis).
SûretéGlobale.Org performs the audit risk, accompanies the organization of services, establishes procedures, trains the actors and directs the exercises.
SûretéGlobale.Org designed MAP COMMANDER®, statistical information system and geographical risk management system.
SûretéGlobale.Org designed with Masa Group the EXOCRISEsoftware, a simulation tool allowing the situation to train Emergency

Thanks to our experience, our teams advise you on the establishment of mechanisms of resilience against crime. From security-team management to the implementation of technology, the realization of security plans of action, SûretéGlobale.Org helps you along the way. In terms of crisis management or business intelligence, our experts can assist you in real time.

Our teams help you to proctect you from aggressive competitors and we train your personnel.We also advice you in setting up cutting edge ways in information seeking, knowledge manage and lobbying
Sûreté ACRIEPROJsoftware, a unique and most advanced elearning training in Competitive Intelligence in small and large organizations.
SûretéGlobale.Org distributes INTELLAsoftware, an data-mining software for unstructured data.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation. Need distributors and our company is looking for technical and commercial partnerships.

Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


CEO Christophe Courtois

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