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Company Profile:
AVIWEST is a high-technology company that provides advanced digital video equipments and solutions for the broadcast and the security market.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and high performance digital video products and solutions to our customers allowing them to increase the quality and the level of their services.

AVIWEST was founded by a team of broadcast industry professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience of the worldwide TV broadcast market. The team has a solid experience for developing, integrating, selling and deploying innovative video solutions designed with the reliability required to offer world-class TV services or security systems.

Digital video solutions

What we offer:

Based on its cutting edge video and wireless network transmission technologies, AVIWEST has developped the world's first pocket-size high quality live video transmission system for first responders that can be used wherever there is cellular service.

Used by organizations charged with law enforcement, homeland security, firefighting or health emergency, the system provides crucial real time information that improves significantly the real time decisions and the remote operations supervisions.

Composed by 2 items, SNIPE Transmitter (mobile video transmitter) and SNIPE Receiver (video receiver and decoder platform), the system provides first responders in the field the ability to stream live video to their command centers.

SNIPE Transmitter is a compact and light (746g / 1.5 lbs incl battery) unit that can be safely carried and used on a belt (please refer to the Safetey page), on a pocket, in a small backpack or even embedded on a unmanned vehicle.

Running on its long life embedded battery, the units can stream a live HD video during several hours over multiple bonded 3G or 4G networks.
In addition to its live video capability, it implements a Store & Forward function to record high quality video files that can be pushed to the command center. The Order channel function allows to set-up a bidirectionnal voice communication between the command center and the first responders on the field.

SNIPE Transmitter

The SNIPE Receiver platform can receive several live feeds from remote SNIPE Transmitters. The video are decoded to be displayed on a wall screen or streamed over a local network. The video can also be recorded for legal purposes or to be shared with other agencies or media such news TV channels.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Erwan Gasc

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