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Galerie Voltaire 2,av Roger Salengro
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Company Profile:
Innovative secondary bandage – Validated by French Army Frogmen and commandos ‘ doctors. Useful in NRBC risks and catastrophe situations. Very high potential in post- surgery and Hospitals too.

Innovative Medical device – Bandage with Very High Potential , Performances and best References

What we offer:
We offer Unique Medical Device giving answer both to Mass Market and professional users. A real new Medical tool.

Secuderm got best references, such as : French Army doctor’s and high level commando’s, European Medical Congress, Second French biggest Hospital complex or well known Medical Humanitarian Organisation !

Secuderm is a secondary bandage which can protect and hold even with high humidity environment, movement, joints, sweating or .. diving immersion, validated on French Marine Frogmens !

CBRN risk: It answers and is the only performing one for protecting hurt area during Decontamination Shower.
Secuderm can protect commando’s hurt , even under Amazonia or Tropical weather missions.

Secuderm permitting to change the life of Dialysis patient, catheterized patient allowing secure Bath and shower !
Secuderm holds and protect Central veinous catheters’ several days: important advanced medical.

This innovation is internationally patented.
Secuderm is the answer for people who need to take a shower after surgery: completely customized to the area protected and really waterproof, even in immersion.

What are we looking for:
Secuderm got a very high commercial potential on:
- Army and safety, rescue market
- Hospitals and medical centers
- Mass market – pharmacies segment

The Innovation is open to efficient commercial partners’ on distribution to those segments.

The partner(s) need to be dynamic, able to develop an rupture innovation, medical device on its core targets.

- Army and safety, rescue : direct access to decisional managers. Real commercial know-how which can expecting quick results.

- Hospitals and Medical Centers: sales force and strong presence

- Pharmacies: sales force able to place the product in high volume/year but more than that, capacity for forming, training and supporting the launch.

Financial agreements (investor, licensing or other …) will be studied case by case.

Collaboration sought:
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Other:



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