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In recent years, RUAG has developed into a major international technology group. The company still has a strong home base in Switzerland, but it serves a growing global customer base. RUAG focuses on two market segments: Aerospace (space and aviation) and Defence (security and defence technology). Group turnover is divided evenly between civil and military applications. RUAG operates on the market with five divisions: RUAG Space, RUAG Aviation, RUAG Technology, RUAG Defence and RUAG Ammotec.

The group's head office is in Bern, Switzerland. It has production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Hungary and the USA. RUAG employs around 7,500 employees in total, of which 4,000 are in Switzerland.
RUAG was founded on 1 January 1999 as a joint stock company under private law. RUAG Holding AG's sole shareholder is the Swiss Confederation.

Heavy weapons, protection, communications, command and reconnaissance

What we offer:
As a provider of products and services for security and defence technology, RUAG is a strategic partner to the Swiss Armed Forces as well as serving customers around the world. It is a specialist in maintaining and enhancing heavy weapons systems, manufacturing innovative protection solutions, and developing, integrating and maintaining communications, command and reconnaissance systems. RUAG is also one of the world's leading manufacturers of simulation & training equipment (virtual and live).

RUAG Defence is a strategic partner of the Swiss Armed Forces; it is also an internationally focused expert in IT and electronics solutions, and in maintenance and enhancement programmes for heavy weapons systems.

RUAG Ammotec specializes in small-calibre ammunition for hunting, sports, the military and government agencies. It is also a specialist in industrial pyrotechnics.

RUAG Defence offers advanced services and products for defence and security. It addresses armed forces, original equipment manufacturers and security and emergency organisations around the world.

We are leaders in the upgrading and armouring of vehicles and offer command hardware and software, simulation solutions and life cycle support for the complete range. Our strength lies in advanced custom solutions for individual customer requirements.

RUAG is the preferred supplier and centre of excellence for the Swiss Armed Forces

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Benjamin Miller

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