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35 Brompton Road Knightsbridge
ZIP Code
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
UNITED ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL Ltd (UATI) is a European company with more than 20-year experience in development and manufacturing high technological equipment for police, security services and army.

The head office is located in London, UK and R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in East Europe where we have skilled personnel of engineers and programmers.

Our goal is providing our customers with newest products for best solutions of their professional needs.

Main principle of our philosophy is the conviction that our products must be reliable and easy to use regardless their technological sophistication. This conviction realized in our products allows operating successfully in the countries lacking qualified technical staff. Our consulting and training programs for customer staff make such work even more successful.

The managers of our marketing and sales departments are firmly dedicated to close cooperation with the customers and observe strict confidentiality.

High technological equipment for police, security services and army.

What we offer:
The company is the acknowledged leader in the field of radio electronic warfare and radio reconnaissance.

Jamming stations for blocking radio links between tactical squads
Automatically makes searching, detection, selection by frequency, monopulse direction finding and jamming any communication devices that use AM, FM, CW, FSK, ASK, RSK and hopping frequency technology within frequency range 25-1000 MHz.

Equipment for jamming GPS receivers
Jams GPS receivers deployed on guidance systems of high-accuracy weapons. The device generates jamming signal that is accepted as imitating one by receiving path of GPS-receiver regardless the type of GPS-signal code or algorithm of its synchronization.

Equipment for jamming cellular networks
Jams all known standards: GSM, CDMA, NDMA, UMTS (3G), 4G and others.

Bomb (RCIED) jammers
Output power from 25W up to 1,2 kW within frequency range 20-6000MHz. Our patented technology OptiJam significantly increases jamming efficiency of our devices operating in “hot spots” of the world.

Direction finding of radio emission sources
The device detects radio emission sources including cellular phones in frequency range from 9 kHz up to 18 GHz. It is offered to the customers in portable, stationary and vehicle-mounted variants.

Equipment for detecting and neutralization surveillance and aiming optical devices
Detects sniper sights, automatic optical reconnaissance systems, binoculars etc at distance up to 2 500 m in day/night time and any weather conditions. The target pointing is conveyed to the neutralization system - powerful green solid laser or to external systems of neutralization (ordnance and firearms weapons and others) with target GPS coordinates.

Subsurface penetrating radars (through-wall-vision)
The device detects the location of people behind the walls and other non transparent obstacles with thickness 0,4m.

Our equipment works successfully in all “hot spots” of the world servicing for establishment of peace and law.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Konstantin SKOTNIKOV

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