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23 Crescent Business Park
ZIP Code
BT28 2GN
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Seven Technologies is a fast growing, dynamic and ground breaking company specialising in the covert technical surveillance field

The company was born from a passionate desire of operators from the specialist surveillance community to create a company that could provide a cradle to the grave capability to those at the fore front of counter terror operations.

The dynamism of the company is underpinned with a proud ethos that ensures that the user’s requirements are at the forefront of its operation. Although young, it has rapidly established itself as a leader within its field in what is undeniably a competitive but growing market.

As a result we have been awarded several specialist projects which have seen Seven Technologies Ltd deliver ground breaking and forward thinking solutions into the specialist military and law enforcement market. Subsequently Seven Technologies’ background has been described as quite unique within the covert surveillance Industry. Our unrivalled operational experience underpins everything we have to offer in the way of technical surveillance solutions. Having spent many years supporting the fight against terrorism we understand the needs of those committed individuals who have to perform in the most exacting and prohibitive of operational environments.

As technology and techniques have developed in the specialist surveillance industry so have they in the broader counter terror field. Seven Technologies understands that capabilities readily employed by the specialist military user also have many broader applications. Resultantly we have spent a great deal of time developing our equipment to provide not only covert solutions but also force protection, situational awareness, close protection and border security capabilities to the broader community.

“Our approach to everything starts with the user and no matter how technically adept our solutions maybe, you will always find that they are fit for purpose and intuitive to use”

Seven Technologies’ purpose built premises in the UK is optimised to design, manufacture and support our customers’ needs in terms of delivering cutting edge surveillance tools and skills based training.

Covert technical surveillance

What we offer:
Our Key services are:

Product research, integration, design and manufacturing
Specialist research tasking on behalf of Governmental departments
Technical Surveillance consultancy
Skills based training to specialist military and law enforcement units
Broad ranging operational support
“Seven Technologies Ltd is a successful growing company punching well above its weight”
The company has recently succeeded in creating a separate specialist surveillance company called ‘MEDUSA’, consisting of a consortium of companies benefitting our customers through true integration of differing specialist capabilities.
Seven Technologies areas of expertise span the following capability areas:

Covert day, night, all weather and broad ranging electro optics
Tactical and over the horizon video bearers, telemetry and monitoring systems
Covert multi bearer alerting systems
Tracking, locating, logging and monitoring systems
Broad ranging mimicry and concealment options
Seven Technologies has recently successfully delivered a global alerting, and remote telemetry system that provides the user with a selection of practical bearer options, intuitive flexible user interface and the ability to adapt the system to enemy and friendly force applications. This system whilst utilising underlying complexity is designed to be easy to use because Seven Technologies recognises that those who deploy capability are often not the ones to monitor and report.

Another area in which Seven Technologies excels in is in utilising a range of bearer systems for video transmission and telemetry. Tactical and strategic considerations are considered as equals and resultant capability manifests itself in systems with underlying technical complexity, being tactically practical to deploy.

Seven Technologies Ltd is also a research and development specialist for the counter terror and specialist law enforcement agencies. The projects delivered are without fail operational and designed to be used. Research for research sake is not something Seven Technologies believes in. Pay us a visit on the ‘Syans’ stand at ‘3K’ and we will brief you on some of our recent successes.

“Seven Technologies Ltd as experts in the technical surveillance field are proud to support those who continue their commitment to counter terror and organised crime worldwide”

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Jon Turner

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