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United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Pyser-SGI is a specialist independent British manufacturer and supplier of precision optical and electro-optical equipment and optical components.

The Defence and Security Products Division is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced night vision products, using both image intensified and thermal imaging technologies, and other sophisticated observation systems and other military optics for international markets.

We are the ONLY British manufacturer of night vision goggles and monoculars for land forces.

Our enviable reputation for product innovation and delivery is the result of deep relationships with British and other NATO and non-NATO governments including with regular Armies, Military Special Forces, Police Special Forces and other end user organisations around the world.

The Graticules Products Division is a long established highly respected designer and manufacturer of graticules (reticles), measuring equipment and precision components for military, scientific and commercial applications worldwide.

In addition, the Group also supplies specialist optical equipment to the broadcast sector and high end machine vision and CCTV markets through its Broadcast and CCTV Division.

Operating to ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation levels, our UK corporate headquarters and all manufacture is UK based in our two specialised factories in South East England and our Singapore sales subsidiary serves the East Asian defence and security markets.

Optical and electro-optical equipment

What we offer:
The Pyser-SGI Ltd Defence Products Division manufactures leading edge optical and electro-optical equipment and ranks among the preferred suppliers to NATO and non NATO Armed Forces, Special Forces and Police Special Forces worldwide.

Night Vision Monoculars
Night Vision Goggles
Night/Day Vision Weapon Sights
Night/Day/Thermal Vision Cameras and Systems
Miniature Cameras
Image Enhancement
Small Arms Collimators
Military, Stabilised Binoculars & Spotting Scopes
Military Compasses
Quickset Tripods

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


John Moulange

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