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Unit 19, Miller Court
ZIP Code
GL20 8DN
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
L-3 TRL Technology protects people worldwide from current and ever-evolving threats through market leading defence solutions.

We deliver innovative, proven technology in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Force Protection and Information Assurance to governments and defence agencies who now rely on us extensively in their battle against terrorism and insurgency.

As part of the leading defence supplier L-3, we have the available resources to anticipate and support our customers' evolving needs. We are able to stay ahead of the competition in a changing, dynamic environment and customers can rely on our depth of knowledge to provide consistently cutting-edge solutions.

ISR, force protection and information assurance

What we offer:
Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance:
One of L-3 TRL’s biggest capability areas includes the design, development and support of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions for Government, defence and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Our SMART range of communications interception products have been designed to counter evolving threats from terrorism, insurgency and other subversive activities around the world.

Electronic Warfare
Satellite Monitoring
Integrated Surveillance

Understanding the threat
Keeping pace with an increasing danger

L-3 TRL can stay one step ahead of the enemy by adding intelligence gathering to our Force Protection capability to afford a genuine understanding of threats as they emerge.

We have developed a range of sophisticated electronic systems that can be used for the protection of personnel in military, law-enforcement or civilian environments through a variety of jamming and surveillance capabilities.

For military applications, we can provide a variety of man-portable and vehicle-borne Counter-RCIED systems for use in Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) or EOD environments. We can also provide a highly versatile range of man-portable surveillance systems which can be used for patrol and base protection.

For civilian and law enforcement applications, our range of Counter-RCIED ECM systems can also be used to protect VVIP vehicle convoys, security patrols or when combined with our man-portable surveillance equipment, utilised for effective base protection.

All our Force Protection solutions are highly versatile and have been designed for tactical use to perform even in the harshest of environments.

Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM)
Base & Patrol Surveillance

Information and Network Security:
Specialists in supporting High Assurance users

Threats to information carried over secure networks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dynamic. L-3 TRL understands that customers must have complete confidence in their Information Assurance systems.

To ensure full availability of these systems, it is vital to keep information secure. Systems must function as intended with information remaining unaltered throughout transmission and storage.

There are various levels of Information Assurance, L-3 TRL’s products and services provide the absolute match to satisfy even the most stringent requirements for High Grade information and network security.

High Grade Network Encryption
High Grade Network Design
High Grade Network Integration
Key Management Solutions

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Carly Rush

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