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EX16 5LL
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Heathcoat fabrics is the leading supplier of engineered textile solutions. From off the shelf fabrics to bespoke solutions our innovative, customer focussed approach ensures that we can design, develop, test and deliver a wide variety of fabrics across the continents to many of the worlds leading companies.

Our approach uses in-house expertise and capability to find the right solution for our customers.
A breadth of resources including yarn processing; warping; weaving; knitting; as well as finishing
and a range of sophisticated chemical enhancements, is supported by well equipped research
laboratories and sophisticated testing facilities. We are renowned for our expertise and are proud
that Heathcoat Fabrics achievements are built on the success of our customers.

Critical front line textiles for military

What we offer:
Across the world, our high performance textiles are an integral part of critical military equipment
For military forces throughout the world, we engineer and manufacture a wide range of advanced textiles that enhance, protect and support personnel under duress in hostile and life-threatening environments. Our unique textile solutions, specifically designed for arduous duty, are applied in a diverse range of military equipment, from overt and covert body armour, fragmentation vests, personnel load carrying equipment and flame retardant helmet lining; to aircraft deceleration parachutes, man-carrying parachutes; decoys, tents, hammocks and military vehicle seating.

Our present and future advanced fabric developments for body armour and tactical load carrying vests and other discreet combat clothing equipment, recognise the need to optimise and develop quality-approved compliant fabrics that meet the exacting ergonomic and safety standards demanded by worldwide military organisations.

Heathcoat Fabrics design-engineer extraordinarily durable textiles that answer the plethora of problems experienced by soldiers in action across extreme environments in the woodland, urban and desert fields of theatre. Our military textile solutions help to reduce moisture; alleviate heat stress; incorporate compression comfort; and can offer antibacterial performance. Signature reduction is a key strength and our products can accommodate geographical colour demands, daylight camouflage and infrared suppression.

Many of the specialist military textiles that we manufacture incorporate the latest microclimate and moisture management technology. Our unique own-branded multifunctional spacetec® fabric provides 3D spacer surface-design optimisation, variable compression and outstanding recovery values. With our complete in-house manufacturing resource, we continue to develop and produce one of the largest selections of specialist high quality military-approved textiles in the world.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Sonya Bacon

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