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LS19 7BN
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Haztec International specialises in the manufacture of Lightbars and other audible and visual warning systems for vehicles. The range of products manufactured by Haztec includes LED lightbars as well as traditional strobe and Halogen lightbars. In addition the company also manufactures and supplies a full product range including LED beacons, strobe and rotating beacons, vehicle sirens, scene and work lights, along with vehicle interior LED lighting. Flexible manufacturing techniques enable Haztec to regularly provide customised or even bespoke products to suit specific requirements.

Nine ranges of Lightbars are offered each with a vast number of options and features and optimised for particular applications. Many new Lightbar ranges have been introduced recently which have been purpose designed to take advantage of latest LED technology. Lightbars and beacons are normally manufactured in amber blue or red, mixed colours or special colours can also be made to order

Haztec products are supplied to a diverse range of customers including the police, fire and ambulance services, local authorities, Government agencies, airports, highways and recovery vehicle manufacturers and operators.

Haztec is a one stop shop, UK manufacturer and supplier for Lightbars, directional warning lights, beacons, sirens, speakers, work lights, scene lights and many other products.

Haztec products are exported worldwide. Vehicle warning lights and light bars are available in various colours to suit global requirements, including blue, amber, red and green. Dual colour versions are also available in numerous colour combinations

Lightbars, audible and visual warnings

What we offer:
Arrowbars & Arrowbar Controllers > LED Multi-Module Directional Warning & Arrow Signal
Arrowbar Controllers
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Halogen Strobe and LED Beacons > HALOGEN - Rotating Beacons
LED - Gen3 ECO LED Amber Beacons
LED - Impact Gen3 LED Beacons 12V
LED - Impact Gen3 LED Beacons 12-24V
LED - Compact LED Beacons
LED - Impact LP Gen3 LED Beacons
LED - Impact MD Gen3 LED Beacon
LED - Impact V Gen3 LED Beacon
STROBE - Beacons (Single/Double Flash)
STROBE - Compact strobe Beacons (Single Flash)
STROBE - High Power Strobe Beacons
STROBE - Compact strobe Beacons (Double Flash)
STROBE - Beacons (Multi-Voltage)
Airport Beacons
Industrial Beacons
Versi-Lux Beacons
Extending Masts - For Pole Mount Beacons
Beacon Spares
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Directional Vehicle Warning Lights > HALOGEN Directional Lamps & Scene Lights
HALOGEN Self-Contained Flashing Lights
LED - Alternating LED Flasher Unit
LED - DDX GEN3 LED Directional Warning Lights
LED - Ghost Ultra-Slim GEN3 LED Warning Lights
LED - Hide-Away GEN3 Covert LED lights
LED - 9 LED EC65 Warning Lights
LED - Impact GEN3 LEDs
LED - Gen2 Directional Warning Lamps
LED - Motorcycle LED Beacons & Masts
LED - PAR36 GEN3 LED Directional Warning Lights
LED - Predator GEN3 LED Warning Lights
LED - Ultralite Multi-Module Bars
LED - Covert Visor Lights
LED - Windscreen Mount Lights
LED - XSC GEN3 LED Directional Lights
STROBE - Directional Warning Lamps
STROBE - Light Sets
STROBE - Self-Contained Multi-Flash Covert Interior Lights
TRI-LUX - Halogen
TRI-LUX - Strobe
TRI-LUX - Housings
Extension Cables
Mounting Plinths
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Vehicle Interior Lights > LED
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LED vehicle Message Signs > InfoSign - Programmable LED Matrix Vehicle Message Signs
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Remote Control Searchlights > GL Remote Control Searchlights
GL Remote Control Searchlights Acessories & Spares
SL Remote Control Searchlights
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Vehicle Siren Amplifiers > Economax Remote Mount
Euromax Dash & Remote Mount 80W
Euromax Dash & Remote Mount 100W
Relay Control Units
Euromax Remote Mount 200W
Euromax Remote Mount Speech Record/P.A. Siren Amplifiers
Eurosmart Programmable Switching & Siren Systems
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Vehicle Siren / PA Speakers > 7000 Series speakers
8000 Series speakers
9000 Series Lightbar Speakers
Siren & Speaker Accessories & Spares
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Control, Switching & Accessories > Control, Switching/Panels & Wiring Accessories
Run-Lock Control Units
Programmable Switching Systems & Controllers
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Handheld Inspection Lights Work & Scene Lights > Halogen Work Lights
H.I.D Work Lights
H.I.D Xenon Work Lights
LED Work Lights
Impact LED Scene Lights
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Xpert Lightbars Xpert SL LED lightbars XH-50 Lightbars Xcess LED Lightbars Xpress LED Halogen and Strobe Lightbars XP Mini Lightbars UltraLED mini lightbar > 4 Module UltraLED
10 Module UltraLED 12V
10 Module UltraLED 12-24V
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Xcess-P LED lightbar Xtra Lightbars Xtreme Lightbars Xcell Lightbars LED-Eye Road Marker Lights > LED-Eye Units
LED-Eye Vertical Rack System
LED-Eye Portable Carry Rack System
LED-Eye Portable Carry Case System
LED-Eye Accessories
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Flasher Units & Power Supplies > LED Electronic Multi-Flash Pattern Units
Halogen Electronic Solid State Alternating Flasher Units
Halogen Electronic & Solid-State Headlight Flasher Units
Strobe Power Supplies
Power Supply Accessories

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Peter Ballard

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