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Vlamingstraat 23
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2011 WR

Company Profile:
Lahoux Optics is founded in 1992 and deals with nightvision in the broadest sense.
We are an agent of Photonis (previously DEP, as part of Delft Instruments), the Dutch producer of image intensifier tubes which form the heart of traditional nightvision equipment like monocular, goggles, scopes and attachments. The Dutch image intensifier tubes, XR5, XD-4, SuperGen, Gen II Plus, ONYX, 16 mm, ICU and Inverting Tubes are among the best in the world.

For police and other (semi) governmental agencies, Lahoux Optics imports nightvision equipment of the well known manufacturer Dedal, with, among others, the D370, DVS8, D480, D450A, D541/D542 and D530. Our office in Haarlem is the European service and repair center for Dedal nightvision equipment.

Furthermore, Lahoux Optics is importer of FLIR, the American producer of the second form of nightvision technology, which is based on thermal imaging. In the past, this technology was unaffordable and reserved exclusively for the military. Since a couple of years the heart of the system, the so-called uncooled VanadiumOxide core, is produced in large quantities, thus making them affordable. We provide for the police and surveillance in The Netherlands the H-series thermal imaging monoculair, which is based on this uncooled core.

Nightvision for police and law enforcement

What we offer:
Nightvision based on Image Intensifier Tubes: Image Intensifier Tubes are opto-electronic vacuum devices that amplify very low levels of light into visible levels for the human eye. They exist of the following parts:
Photocathode. Incoming light is converted into photo-electrons,
Amplifier. Here the electrons get accelerated.
Phosphor screen. Here the electrons produce a visible image.
Image Intensifier Tubes are frequently used in modern night vision equipment. In such Image Intensifier Tubes a micro channel plate (MCP) is used to accelerate the electrons.

Nightvision based on thermal imaging: Thermal imaging cameras. These cameras can detect small differences in temperature, which are shown real-time as a video image.
This is very suitable for nightvision, since as opposed to other nightvision systems, no light is needed at all. This makes these cameras usefull for observation in the darkest of nights.

What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement



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