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Hynboholm 342
ZIP Code
655 91

Company Profile:
Granqvists development, production and marketing of technical gloves.

The company was founded in 1980. The fi rst glove developed was for cross-country skiing. This glove has remained in production ever since and is one of the most popular in the world where cross-country skiing is common. It is known the world over by its brandname LillSport.

Nowadays specialist gloves for the various public safety bodies are becoming an increasing part of the company´s turnover.
Over the years we have delivered to the Swedish Defence Ministry, Police and Resque Services.

Our development division is located in Karlstad, Sweden and the production is undertaken at our daughter company Rek Swed Sp. z o.o., Złotów, Poland.

The production facility was grounded in 1991 and currently employs 200 people.

The best known of Granqvists technical gloves is the RB 90 Fire Fighting Glove D.

This glove is a very high quality glove which in the short time since production began has sold extremely well.

Currently we are developing our exports of specialist gloves throughout Europe and the rest of the world with the RB90 Fire Fighting Glove as the spearhead of this program.

We trust the information we provide will interest you.

Gloves manufacturing

What we offer:
Gloves for rescue service
Gloves for military use
Gloves for police duty
Sport & competition
...and much more...
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What are we looking for:
Business cooperation

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement



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