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ActionSportGames is a worldwide leader in the business of replica firearms and accessories manufacturing – including Airsoft guns, Airguns, Co2 guns, Paintball markers, toyguns and firearms replicas. We specialize in 1:1 scale replica guns and accessories for fun, action, sports, entertainment and collection. The assortment consists mainly of licensed models and exclusive subbrands of ActionSportGames. ActionSportGames was founded in April 2003 as a merger of the two largest Danish distributors of Airsoft Guns and accessories, Pedersen & Grobelnik A/S (founded 1992) and Vestergaard ApS (founded 1960). One of our goals is to become the preferred supplier in the firearms replica business through worldwide license agreements, quality brands and premium service – before, during and after sales.

Replica firearms and accessories

What we offer:
BRANDS represented

To help us maintain a position as one of the leaders in the business of replica firearms (Airsoft Guns, Airguns and replicas), we work dedicated to develop innovative new products and product concepts. In this section we’ll keep you posted with news and updates to our various unique ActionSportGames brands.

The ULTIMATE Upgrade Series is the latest addition to our line of unique brands. With this range of upgrade and tuning products, we aim to give Airsoft enthusiasts an opportunity to gain access to a series of unique upgrade parts in terms of both superior technology and solid upgrade solutions.

The BLASTER series of BB’s which include BLASTER BB’s, BLASTER Devil BB’s, BIO BLASTER BB’s and BLASTER Tracers, are all high-end BB’s of the best quality, and regarded as being among the best in their specific classes.

Strike Systems Tactical gear, is a series of high-quality tactical gear designed to last. The brand covers all kinds of tactical gear ranging from Molle vests and chest rigs to thigh-/belt holsters and belts and rifle slings. The Strike Systems Tactical gear brand also includes carry cases for rifles and pistols, gear bags and backpacks and also plastic boxes and alu cases.

Other of our unique brands includes ULTRAIR propellants and lubricants, Pro Optics dot sights and scopes, GOLDFIRE BB’s and Q-Bullet BB’s.

Besides these unique brands, we’ve also developed three new packaging concepts to help Airsoft gamers get a quick overview of the types of Airsoft guns available – Discoveryline, Sportline and Proline. Together they cover every type/segment of Airsoft playing style – from the first-time user to the hardcore MilSim player. In time, all our Airsoft guns will be categorized according to this concept.

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Christian Olsen

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