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Tel Aviv

Company Profile:
Under the brand name X-test,ֲ Tamar Explosives has developed a wide variety of explosives simulants, specifically designed to meet various training and calibration needs of the Homeland Security industry.

Tamar was established in 1998 by a group of former officers of special Israel Defense Forces units and security and intelligence agencies, who have acquired broad know-how and experience in the field of explosives.

In our well-equipped laboratory, we develop and manufacture a wide variety of simulantsֲ The environmentally safe, high quality simulants closely imitate the properties of the explosive materials they represent in color, texture, density, Zeff, CT number and additional properties. The entire manufacturing process is conducted in-house, ending with the implementation of strict quality assurance procedures, in compliance with the ISO-9001:2000 quality assurance standards

X-test simulants, composed of inert materials, are designed to enable training in a risk-reduced, safe environment. They are ideally suited for training security agents to detect explosives through the performance of manual inspections, as well as for training operators of technological explosives detection systems: X-ray, EDS and TDS. Canine (K-9) teams also use X-test products within the framework of their training programs. Additionally, we provides a variety of simulant- based kits for calibrating X-ray, EDS and TDS systems, to ensure optimal operation and detection rates.

Our team of chemists, electronics technicians and production technicians continues to develop new simulants, using the most advanced instruments available while consulting with external experts in safety, statistics and data processing. The company maintains contact with regulators, such as the Israel Security Agency (ISA), as well as with various national research laboratories worldwide, including the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) of the USA's Department of Homeland Security.

Tamar also manufactures training accessories, including a range of improvised explosive devices in which its explosives simulants are used, along with simulants of detonators, detonation cords, and a variety of initiation devices. Explosive vests, pipe bombs and other items - all inert - complete the assortment, allowing to train security agents for various threat scenarios.

Our clientele includes various aviation security regulators and testing facilities, such as TSA - Transportation Security Administration; TSL- Transportation Security Labs; STAC - France's national Service Technique de l'Aviation Civile (Civil Aviation Technical Service), which also serves as the laboratory of ECAC - European Civil Aviation Conference; ISA - Israel Security Agency and many others. In addition the Security Division of Israel Airport Authority (IAA) and El Al Airlines use X-test's simulants in their training and quality assurance activities.

Explosive simulants, dummy weapons, accessories

What we offer:
Tamar's X-test line ofֲ explosive simulants compriseֲ precise reproductions of a variety of explosive materials in form, color, texture and weight. These simulants are the product of numerous years of operational experience, combined with extensive research and testing carried out in collaboration with Tamar Laboratories. They constitute extremely effective training aids used for training in hand search techniques as well as in the use of all X-ray, EDS (Explosive Detection Systems) and TDS (Trace Detection Systems). Simulants compatible with additional detection technologies, such as millimeter wave and X-ray diffraction, are also developed in-house and available.

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Business cooperation

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